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The 'Lifestyle' Circle of Friends Series

A series of short stories about a group of couples exploring their sexuality and growing into a 'Lifestyle' circle of friends enjoying Open Relationships fun and games.

The Masterbatorium

There was a new 'Assisted Conception' centre open in town. So she put the idea to Jack that he could go there to get some sexual relief by making sperm donations and earn a bit of money as well.
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The Inseminatorium and some Dodgy Business

In the previous post, we met Jacqueline, who worked at the 'Assisted Conception' clinic, where she met Jack, an old school hottie, who had come to the clinic to make a sperm donation, with which Jacky gave him a hand. and a 'natural service' business.

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The 'Out of Office' Service

'Natural Service' didn't become a booming business, it had a very limited niche target market after all. It was more of a side-line 'hobby' business really, a 'service' for ladies with a special 'need'.
'La Femme' from The White Room.

The Sex Counselor's Class

When Emily told her about her feelings of missing something in her life, Teressa confessed the she and her husband had gone through a similar dry patch and had consulted a sex relationship counselor with great results.

The Play Date

It was just a couple of weeks after Emily and Jack had gone to the Sex Counselor's 'class', when on Monday morning, Emily got a call from her BFF Teressa asking if she would like to come over for a 'play date'. 

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The Pool Party

The weather was warming up, and Emily with her new sex-positive persona, had decided that she needed a new pair of sexy swimmers. She called her friend Tess and they arranged to meet for morning coffee and shopping. Now Em had always admired Tess's dress sense and sexy style, so she asked her to recommend a good shop for sexy swim wear.

Image: Backstage', ©2003

Pin the Tail on the Ass Tag Teams

On the Monday following the pool party, Emily receives an e-mail from Tess inviting she and Jack to a 'Tag Team' night at her house on Friday. 

Image: "TheSportster" Wrestlemania

Tabitha the Baby Sitter's Tease

It was about 11pm when Jack and Emily arrived home from Tess' Tag Team party. Jack went into the lounge where he found Tabitha, laid back in his favourite armchair, with headphones on and her legs spread wide...

"Naughty Bugs Lola Bunny Butt Slap Rabbit shirt"
from Bears Tee

Birthday Surprise

It was the day of the planned party night at Fanny and Dick's, and Tabitha was pestering Tess about allowing her to go because it was her 18th birthday.

Comforting the Divorcee Neighbour

Jack was lounging beside the pool, when there was a knock at the side gate and a voice called, "Are you home Jack?". It was Pat, his next door neighbour. Jack opened the gate and Pat asked straight out, "Could you help me? My pipes need cleaning!".
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Emily, Pat, Tess and Jackie

In the week following Pat's introductory comforting, Emily discussed with Tess the possibility of Pat joining their 'lifestyle' circle. Tess suggested that they invite Pat to meet their wider circle of girls first, the following Saturday. 

Image: ©2003

The Fetish Banquet

At their last catch-up, Sandy told Tess about another couple from her groups, Andy and Trudy, who had setup a Medieval Banquet and Fetish Party business, 'MBFP'.

The Interview

"Trev's just been telling me about his problems trying to get back into dating, and I was just telling him about our little circle of friends. He is quite interested". "Well then. Come with me you hunk" gushed Fanny, grabbing Trev by the shirt front and pulling him up till their faces were just an inch apart. "What do you think darling" said Fanny to Dick, "Shall we take Trev to the bedroom for an 'interview'?
Danish journalist interviews a man whilst having sex
 in a Swingers Club, to make her report more realistic

A Summer Holiday Series

A sub-series of stories about the friends' summer holiday at the nude beach.

The Office Temptresses

A prequel series of short stories about a couple of young women in an office, from a company office fling, discovering a 'bi' side to their sexuality, sexucating young men about pleasuring women, to a wild orgy of a wedding cumsummation and eating out all and sundry at the wedding breakfast. Some of the couples in the Lifestyle Circle of Friends first met at that wedding orgy.
Photo by Quan Nguyen on Unsplash

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