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Monday, 13 November 2017

The 39 Days

Doctor's Orders

I don't think anything can be more unsettling to a man's lusty sex-life, than the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

I guess it was on the cards - 60% of 70 year olds will have it. And I've always been health conscious and have had annual medical checkups for the last 20 years. So a slowly rising PSA level gave advance warning of possible issues. Early this year, my PSA passed a 2nd critical level, so it was off to the urologist for an MRI, a 10 needle biopsy and CT scan.  Fortunately, we caught it early, it is entirely contained and only about 1cm in diameter.  At my age and current good health, it was recommended that it should be treated (if left untreated, life expectancy could be 10-15 years - I'm aiming for another 25 years at least). I was offered either robotic surgery or radiotherapy. I opted for the later.

Radiotherapy lasts about 8 weeks for 5 days/week. The preliminary CT scan, size and location analysis, determined that I needed 78RADs, at 2RAD per treatment, meaning 39 days of treatment were needed.

Week 1, Day 1

After the 1st treatment, I go in to talk with the radiation oncologist doctor. I ask him the most important question of all, 
"Is Viagra and sex OK during radiotherapy?". 

"No problems" he replies. "You can continue your normal sex life".

Well, that's a relief. That was my main concern about radical prostatectomy surgery. Although modern robotic techniques are very good, there was still the possibility of nerve damage, with incontinence and/or impotence side-effects - NO THANKS.

Continue a 'normal' sex life? What is normal? My sex life has definitely not been regular nor 'normal'. 

A plan is formulating in my mind. I will set out to have a 'normal' sex life for the duration of my treatment. Doctor's 'orders' after all.

8 Roots in 8 Weeks

This is my planned 'treatment' of 'prostate exercises'. This will keep the plumbing clear, keep the good prostate tissue working in tip-top shape and boost my endorphine levels for a positive outlook.

Now the radiotherapy centre is a half hour drive from home, allowing for 30-90mins in the centre, it is easy to slip in an extra hour to visit one of my regular ladies-of pleasure.

To summarize, on explaining my condition and planned 'treatment', all my ladies were even more accommodating than ever, and eager to assist with my 'treatment'.  Thankyou ladies.

  • Day 5 - Ruby.
  • Day 9 - Crystal
  • Day 13 - Amber
  • Day 18 - Jess (Ruby was on holidays)
  • Day 23 - Amber
  • Day 28 - Ruby
  • Day 26 - Amber
  • Day 39 - Ruby - Celabration๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
Its just a pity that my health insurance doesn't cover these extra 'treatments'.

The Wait

So now I have a 3 month wait before a PSA test and visit to the urologist, to confirm that the cancer has all gone.

And I guess my sex-life will return to its less-than-normal, irregular pre-treatment state. At least my ladies-of-pleasure remain in my life.

PS - Radiotherapy Side Effects

Fortunately, the side-effects of radiotherapy are usually minimal. Mind you, the bowel irritation gives me the shits, and bladder irritation really pisses me off. But that's it, no pain, no fatigue.

PPS - Radiotherapy Humour

One day, I was lying on the radiotherapy table with my pubes and mid-riff exposed.  The female operator was getting me aligned - I have had target marks tattooed on my mid-riff and thighs and a pair of laser beams show the correct alignment. Her cold hands on my thighs push and roll me a little to get alignment right. At which point she says "Beautiful!". I tell her that "Only special ladies are allowed to say that!". I get a little laugh.

A couple of days later, I have the same operator, and she says the same things. This time, I say "Well, thank you!". She says "Your welcome" and we both laugh.

PPPS - Followup Doctor's Appointments

Doc has scheduled two followup appointments at 2 weekly intervals, so I plan to continue celebrating. The last is around to the time of my soixante-neuf birthday - double celebration.

PPPPS - Six Months - Declining Side Effects

One of the minor side-effects was reduction in the volume of ejaculate, and as a consequence reduced ability or time to cum. But here at the 6 month mark, I can see an improvement in volume due to prostate function returning to normal (for my age).

Monday, 17 July 2017

e[lust] 96

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

To All the Girls I've Loved Before - Thank You

I see from my diary, that its been 10 years since my sexual liberation, so in the words of Hal David, sung variously by Willy Nelson, Julio and Englebert, I want to say 'Thank You' to "All the girls I've loved before".

I won't repeat my history that lead to that liberation - it was covered in 'Was the last-time, the LAST Time?'.  Sadly I confess that in that 35 years I had never had or received oral sex, nor had my lady ever orgasmed. 

It was in that time of depression that I 'saw the light', that I had to take responsibility for my own happiness, emotional and physical needs. Not wishing to leave the marriage, I turned to professional help - commercial sex.

I am fortunate to live in a state and country where commercial sex is legal and regulated. So in the past 10 years I have learnt and experienced many aspects of this 'service' industry. 
There have been 1 or 2 'star-fishes' who obviously didn't want to be there, that provide a receptacle rather than a service. 
There have been those that seemed quite inexperienced and nervous.
There have been some that really tried to provide a good service, but there has been no 'connection'.  Can there really be a 'connection' between a sex worker and client?

I will digress slightly at this point to thank a Punter Review web forum.  This particular site encourages ladies to join in general conversations and is well moderated.  It was here that I learnt how best to choose a lady from the introductions, that might best suit my needs.  Reviews from other punters also provided recommendations and service descriptions.  So I quickly found myself enjoying the company of a number of special ladies, that I dedicate this post to.

I quickly developed skills in cunnilingus with guidance from some of my ladies. For the first time I experienced ladies that really wanted/needed sex themselves - yes, there are ladies in the sex industry that are not there just for the money, but because of their own high sex-drive needs. For the first time I experienced ladies' orgasms in all their wonderful varieties - O-O-O-OMG. Then to top this off, I found my first squirter. To all these wonderful ladies, "Thank You"!

So despite the danger of overlooking someone, here is my "Honor Roll" in roughly chronological order:-

  • First off, thanks to Kelly who popped my punting cherry. Tho in hindsight, not great sex, she was a very gentle, kind lady that guided me for an enjoyable first time commercially. I almost felt like a virgin being introduced to sex for the first time. I needed it.
  • Daniella was a dark horse, passed over at our first introduction, but next time I discovered a highly sexed, passionate women whose company I enjoyed over eight years. It was she who taught me the joys of DATY and nick-named me 'Thomas the Tongue Engine'. I have written about our times together three times on this blog - 'Maid in Morocco', 'That Smile' and 'A Bad Habit'.
  • Megan introduced me to CIMS, snow-balling and the taste of cum. But more importantly, Megan took me out of the time-constrained commercial environment, to Booty-Buddy visits at home, of 'Breakfast with Benefits', and coping with a Buddy relationship coming to an end.
  • Sandy was a hot New Zealand blonde, with whom I discovered the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms.
  • April was probably the first 'screamer' I encountered, and my head in a scissor lock whilst she convulsed, won't be forgotten. And I sustained the first and only 'punch' in the nose in my whole life (from a convulsing pubic bone). If the end-of-the world was at hand, I couldn't think of a nicer lady to go out with a bang with.
  • Cristal HotBabe ('The Wicked Wench of Wupert Street') was a once off PSE that you've got to try once in a life-time. It was wild, almost gymnastic with some positions I've never seen or heard of before or since.
  • Kaz is an all round lovely lady - great body, good conversationalist, great kisser and great sex. I discovered that ladies that have mastered kegal muscle control can add an amazing dimension to sex - I quipped that she does 'DFF'. Also 'Munching on Special-K'.
  • Grace introduced me to humour and laughter during sex. Wow, cumming and laughing at the same time is an experience. Yes, sex should be fun.
  • Amber is one of those sex machines with a voracious appetite, and a very nice lady to boot.
  • Ruby is an incredibly passionate lady, a great kisser and very orgasmic. I swear her prominent nipples are wired to her clit. A keen lover of cunnilingus, I was rewarded by her squirting, again and again and again. Awesome.
To these ladies and all my other companions, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
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