Saturday, 18 July 2015

Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry

I had the most unusual thing happen recently - two weeks running, I had my ladies crying!

I had made plans to spend a private afternoon with fav. lady #1, but circumstances conspired against us. So on my next parlour visit to see her, I gave her a present of some perfume, and she burst into tears, hugging, kissing and thanking me. She finally composed herself to tell me that it is the first time in all her years in the industry that she has received a gift like this. Other girls in this parlour have received chocolates, fruit (WTF? Must have been Con the fruiterer from nearby Queen Vic. Market), sex toys or lingerie - "sex toys and lingerie"? Hey guys, how chauvinist - haven't you learnt anything about women?

Then the next week, visiting fav. lady #2, late afternoon, last client of the day, and we had both had rather ordinary days, so booked an hour and said, "Lets finish this day with a bang!" - little did I realise! Now this lady is a DATY enthusiast - our average "cum score" is 4:1. I've "assumed the position" and she has come a couple of times. She has plateaued and has her legs around me, pulling me into her - god she has the most kissable 'outy'. Some digital application to her G spot finally, after long, most delightful dining, brings an enormous, shuddering orgasm. She collapses back, completely "petit mort", sobbing. I come up and wrap her in my arms, and she says "I can't remember when I last had one of those!"

I now know the difference between clitoral and deep, G-spot, vaginal orgasms.
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