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Cunnilingus - Responses

To wrap up my trilogy on Cunnilingus, starting with "Cunnilingus 101" then "Cunnilingus Don'ts", I thought it was time to write a follow-up post about the female responses to cunnilingus.  Again, like the original post, this is purely one man's observations, so additional feedback, especially from lady readers, would be very much appreciated.

Of the dozens and dozens of ladies I have had the pleasure and delight of "dining on", every one responded differently.  I will try to roughly group them by similarity of response.

The Unexpected

With many professional Ladies of Pleasure, orgasm can be a wearying drain on a day full of clients.  Thus many refuse cunnilingus outright.  I remember one lovely young thing agreeing, but saying that she probably wouldn't be able to cum - I was delighted to have her bucking in under 5 minutes.  Another neophyte didn't even expect that she could or was "allowed" to cum in a commercial arrangement - she squealed with surprise and delight when she did.

One A Day

Not all ladies are able to be multi-orgasmic.  One special buddy of mine, could only ever have one orgasm per day.  So we timed our meetings so that that one was a mighty good one.


Vocal response during orgasm varies from a small grunt and sigh, through "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God, Yes!", to the "screamer"s - one lady I saw was nicknamed "Firecracker" - she went off so loudly that everybody in the place knew it.  Some others wanted to, but bit on their wrist to hold it back.  But beware, her verbal response is easily exaggerated.


When a lady is really starting to appreciate your ministrations you will receive encouraging signs.  She will be pushing back into you.  I have had ladies who I could swear their vulva was kissing me back.  Then there are those that give directions - take notice - she knows what she likes so let her guide you.  Then there are ladies that grab my head and pull my face hard against their cunt, twisting and squirming their pelvis against my face  - just be careful she doesn't suffocate you.

The Linctus of Love

Probably the first obvious response is lubricating.  Like all the responses listed her, the degree will vary enormously from lady to lady and time to time.  But from my experience at least, gushing or squirting is highly unlikely from cunnilingus alone.  I would certainly like to hear if your experience differs.

The Lichter Scale

I have had enough ladies 'in my face' to know that the intensity of the female orgasm is very much an individual thing and that 'stronger' does not automatically imply 'better', so I won't put any numbers on the Lichter scale.  I have ladies who's orgasms are a ripple through their body.  And I've had ladies who's orgasms seize their body totally stiff - pity me if I have their legs around my neck.  There are orgasms that are a single contraction with perhaps a single after-spasm. On the other hand, I have had ladies who contracted repeatedly, perhaps up to a dozen times.

Controlled Release

Occasionally I meet a lady who knows her own body very well, an obvious player of her fine instrument.  Although technically on the receiving end, she controls and paces her response, not allowing herself to tip over the edge of full orgasm.  She prefers to rumble along a plateau of pre-orgasm, then only let herself go when she is good and ready for maximum effect.

Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasm

This is one of those topics that is more meaningful to ladies than to we mere males.  It took me 2 years of 'research' before I encountered a practical demonstration.  This particular lady was quite multi-orgasmic.  After her third or fourth (clitoral) orgasm, I added some digital stimulation of her G-spot to my cunnilingus.  Suddenly there was a deep-down, almost rumbling sort of contractions that built up and up to a full body orgasm.    Her response was "Oh God, I needed that.  I haven't had one of those for months".

The Blossoming

One of the most beautiful sights for a cunnilinguist, is the blossoming of your ladies vulva.  Again, the degree of response is highly individual and highly dependant on the lady's personal anatomy (go and read "Pussy Pride" if you are not fully aware of the wide diversity of vaginal anatomy).  Like an erectile response, her inner labia engorge with blood, swelling until they spread the outer labia and 'pop' out like a flower bud opening.  By this time, her vagina is gaping open, calling to you, "Come and fuck me".  (The particular lady I visualise with fond memories, was coincidentally a "one-a-day" lady).

Bon Appetit

Well that's enough for now. Your feedback and sharing your own experiences would be greatly appreciated.
All that's left to say, is "Bonne appetit!".

Cunnilingus Don'ts

With the popularity of my "Cunnilingus 101" post, and after discussing it with my buddy, Oh Gracious One (OGO), and she telling me of some of her turn-offs, I thought it time I wrote about the "Don'ts" of cunnilingus.

No Means No!

Even in a "commercial" arrangement, this still applies - this is a negotiable option only.  And it doesn't just mean a verbal "No"!  If your lady pushes you away or expresses discomfort or dislike, that's still "No!".  Proceeding with unwanted cunnilingus is "Rape" in some jurisdictions, or at least "Sexual assault".  Reread my original post  and RESPECT your ladies wishes.

Don't Bite

I could hardly believe OGO when she said that she had men bite her lady bits.  Firm nibbling with your lips perhaps if she agrees, but biting - ouch.  How would you like it if she sunk her teeth into the tip if your cock? Oh, you do?  Its all about preferences - respect each others.

Beware Stubble Rash

Facial hair, like public hair, is a choice and acquired taste.  The two-day-old stubble might look "manly" but even 5-o'clock shadow can be quite irritating on a ladies sensitive bits.  I always try and have a fresh shave before visiting my ladies.  I did forget once and my lady told me it was rough - so I placed my hands on her inner thighs so my stubbly cheeks don't touch her skin and a wonderful time was had by all.

Don't be a Pussy

OGO told me that one of her pet peeves is the man that lightly flicks his tongue on her bits.  She likes her cunnilingus full on, like Deep French Kissing on the mouth.  Again, find out what each individual lady likes.

Oral Higeine

No-one like kissing anyone with halitosis.  But with cunnilingus, the risk of infection is higher.  So gum disease, bleeding gums or cold sores on the lips means cunnilingus is off the menu, just like if she has her period.  But kissing of her erogenous zones, ears, neck breasts, inner thighs or mons can be a real turn-on.

Long Nails are Not In

If you plan on searching for her "G" spot, your finger nails had better be clipped and filed.

Your "Visiting Kit"

When visiting my ladies, I have my own "visiting kit" - razor, tooth brush, mouth wash, deodorant, nail clippers, massage oil and condoms.  Be a good scout and Be Prepared, and you will hear "Don't stop!", instead of "DON'T!".

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