Monday, 23 November 2020

[Review] Pocket Pussy Sex Toy

Unfortunately, sex toys for men don't get much press, after all, a man would have to be really desperate to use one of them, wouldn't he? If a man can't get a women and has to resort to a silicone toy or doll - well, it's just not 'manly'!

Now, I've never done a toy review before (and probably won't again). This is not a solicited nor paid review. I'm not reviewing, nor recommending a specific brand, its more a review of the generic type of toy, though I've included pictures of the box of the specific device I used.

With the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down and my specific health situation, desperate times call for desperate measures. In a previous post about recovering from radiotherapy from prostate cancer, I described my use of a penis pump vacuum device (though not a real review as such), which elicited some positive comments. So I was moved to try and now review a silicone vagina device. 

'Pocket pussies' come in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices ('Pocket Pussy' is a colloquial generic name for these types of toys and not a specific toy's name). Some claim to have molded their toy's labia from real life porn stars - a good marketing ploy to ask a higher price, I'm sure. But see my comments below about the comparison of the toy's labia to real women I have licked, sucked and fucked. Probably the best known brand is the Fleshlight range. My review is based on a cheap, generic variety, "Fresh Innocence - Jodie".

First we will look at the claims printed on the box.

  • Tight smooth opening, simulates virgin's vagina to give you that fresh and tight sensation every time. Yes, but too tight/small - see comments.
  • Easy grip. Yes.
  • Noduled love tunnel has strategically placed nodules for arousal, intensity and pleasure. Yes, but dependent on lube.
  • Smooth texture to give you the most realistic and orgasmic sensation. Yes.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean. Yes.
  • Length - 5", 5.5" and 6" available.
  • Fabrication material - TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber PVC- and BPA-free)

Initial Trial

The immediate impression is how small the labia and vulva opening are. The opening is about the size of a pencil (OK for 'pencil dicks' I suppose). With copious lube and the flexible stretching of the material, penetration was finally achieved after much manipulation (and my member is only average in length and girth). But if this was a girl IRL, I could be arrested for statutory rape.

It is obvious that these types of toys are NOT suitable for arousal or achieving an erection initially. A good hard erection is essential before attempting penetration.

I found that the amount of lube required to achieve penetration negated the feeling of the internal nodules. IRL, I would class this 1st trial as a 'star fish' experience.

'Surgery' and 2nd Trial

Now I'm not the sort of person to give up easily - I'm a 'Fix It' sort of man. So I got out my sharp pointed craft knife to perform 'surgery' on my toy's vagina opening. Note that TPR cannot be 'sliced', I had to insert the point and pull out to achieve a tear. See before and after photos.

For my 2nd trial, I decided to use saliva as my lube. The Tongue Engine found the experience not unpleasant. Penetration now came more naturally, but by now my erection was loosing hardness, so I never reached the inner sanctum in this trial.

3rd Trial

So I resorted to the good ole regulars of porn, self talk, imagination and hand masturbation. I continued until orgasm was nearing, and then returned to my 'pocket pussy'. Now the noduled love tunnel really lived up to the claim of arousal, intensity and pleasure, bringing me to a quite intense orgasm. Now for someone like me suffering ED that often doesn't climax at all, and if and when, then just a small squirt with little intensity, my PP orgasm was very nice.

General Comments

This particular toy has a bar-bell type shape, so the narrow middle allows a full wrap around hand grip. The outer end has another pencil size hole to prevent any vacuum effect and to facilitate cleaning. In use, whilst thrusting its not unlike hitting the cervix at the end of the vagina.

The material is sufficiently stretchy and strong to allow it to be stretched over a tap head the flush water through it for cleaning. A couple of fingers inserted also facilitate washing around the nodules inside. I found I could work a handkerchief through the device with my fingers to help drying the inside.


Remember that these comments relate to a specific make/model, though I suspect the issues I've raised should be considered whatever brand you buy. 

Further, I am reviewing from the perspective of senior citizen with post prostate cancer ED. But a shy teenager just starting to explore the possibilities of penetrative sex, would find such a toy useful 'training wheels'.

Would I recommend the use of a 'Pocket Pussy'? Considering all the issues described above, it would be a qualified 'yes'. For $30 for an 'entry level' device (excuse the pun), its worth a try. But would I pay $100 for a top-of-the line toy or $3000 for doll, no way. When Covid restrictions have eased enough, then my $300/hr Ladies Of Pleasure leave these toys at the bottom of the toy box.

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