Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Numberphiles, stand up and be counted

Q: 31415926271828182854?

Passnumbers, license numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, ad infinitum. Ooooh, it's so hot to see fellow sex bloggers that are also numberphiles. We even have our own YouTube channel - "Numberphile"

Whilst there are strings of numbers that I do remember, usually for a special reason (like my 'leaving certificate' examination number from 1965 - 39445 - which I had to memorize for my French oral examination - trent-neuf mille quartre cent quarante cinq). Of course, these days, "French oral" has an entirely different meaning. But for some reason I am useless with dates.

Whilst the ability to remember all sort of strings of numbers is a great skill, true numberphiles love the patterns of manipulating and computing numbers. Concepts like various types of infinity (yes there is more than one type), complex and irrational numbers. How can an infinite sum of certain fractions result in an exact number? How can two irrational numbers, and a complex number combine to form an integer? Beauty can be found in mathematical equations. The Most Beautiful would have to be Euler's Identity, written simply as:

For some people, asking "What's you number?" means their telephone number, but for others, it means "What's the number of sexual partners you have had?". I'm afraid I get a little jealous reading fellow Bloggers writing about their sex life with their life partner multiple times per night or week. We who have to buy a lady's favours need a little black spreadsheet to track who, when, where and how good. I see that 2011 was my best year with 31 encounters with 20 different ladies, followed by 2012 with 27 encounters with 19 different ladies. I see there was one super hottie I saw monthly during both 2017 and 2018 (Aaaah the memories). But 2020 has been just 2 ED recovery 'test runs'.  My number? Over 10 years, 91.

A: For true Numberphiles, it should be as easy as pi-e.

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