Saturday, 29 May 2021

The Pool Party

Part 6 of Jack and Emily's journey of sexual renewal. Catch up at:-

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It was just a couple of weeks after Emily and Tess's Play Date, the weather was warming up, and Emily with her new sex-positive persona, had decided that she needed a new pair of sexy swimmers. She called her friend Tess and they arranged to meet for morning coffee and shopping. Now Em had always admired Tess's dress sense and sexy style, so she asked her to recommend a good shop for sexy swim wear.

They found the exclusive lingerie shop Tess recommended and the swimwear section was down the back. Tess directed Em to the bikini rack. "Oh My God" exclaims Emily, "They are all so small". "You would be a size 8, wouldn't you?" asks Tess. "These would look awesome on you" she says, taking a skimpy orange pair off the rack. "Oh I couldn't" Emily exclaims, "They hardly cover anything".

"That's the idea" explains Tess, "Just the essentials. Jack will have a boner in 30 seconds when he sees you in these. Great at home in the pool, but probably not for public beaches" Tess says with a laugh. "And I'll let you into a little secret" whispers Tess with a giggle, "The material becomes transparent when they are wet".

Tess chooses a similar pair in white and they head to the checkout.

Image: Backstage', ©2003

On Saturday, they had arranged for all their children to go to the mall to the movies under the supervision of Tess' eldest. 

Em and Jack arrive at Tess' after lunch and found them out the back beside the pool. Tess was already in her new bikini and Jack's eyes bulged at the sight. Emily gulped when she saw Tim in a pair of sleek green Speedos, or 'budgie smugglers' as the Aussies call them; it too showed off Tim's endowment, even though not erect (yet).

"Come and sit here" Tess says to Emily, patting the banana lounge next to her under the shade of the umbrella, and pours two glasses of Long Island Iced Tea - Emily recognized it from their last party. Emily slips her sun-dress off and sits beside Tess. "Wow!" says Jack, "It looks like you two went shopping together". Jack slips his shirt off and drops his slacks to reveal a rather old-fashioned pair of loose boxer style swimming trunks. But as Emily glances his way, she thinks she detects some movement in the inside leg of his shorts where she knows his rather long cock is stirring to life. 

Emily squirms a little to ease her bikini thong out of her slit which is developing into a 'camel toe', and she can feel her cunt moistening and she remembers Tess's comments about the material becomes transparent when wet. She glances over to Tess and notices that she had her legs nonchalantly splayed displaying her own dampening camel toe, although with her deeply tanned body, sun-screen and a slight sheen of perspiration, it was barely noticeable.

Tim comes over to Emily with a bottle of sun-screen and says, "We can't afford to let your beautiful pale skin burn. Let me put some sun-screen on". Emily rolls over and Tim rubs a liberal amount of lotion over her arms and back, concentrating under her bra string and under the minuscule pieces of material of the back of her thong, then he does her legs. "OK. Roll over" her directs. Emily tentatively rolls over, keeping her legs tight together with slight embarrassment. Tim starts with her face, then shoulders and arms, then gently massages lotion onto her breasts which are mostly exposed anyway. His lotion covered fingers carefully massage a little under the flimsy bikini top up to the edge of her aerola. Emily flinches a little, but is enjoying the attention and she feels the tension in her legs easing.

Tim continues his sun-screen application across Em's abdomen down to her pubic line, then down one leg. Then parting her legs a little he works his hands up her inner leg, teasingly stopping at her pussy. He then works his way down the other inner leg, then back to the top to her thigh. He gently pulls her thong up into her slit, exposing all but her 'essentials' to his lotion massaging fingers. Em feels her pussy quite wet now. "OK! All done" said Tim, slapping her thigh.

Tim and Jack dive into the pool to cool off, not just from the weather, but the heat of their raging erections. The women are well into their second drink by the time the guys get out, cool water dripping off them and their wet swimmers hugging and displaying both their man-hoods.

"I think I need a shower" says Tess, heading for the outside shower on the wall of the house. "Go and give her a hand" Em says to Jack, "I know you've wanted a piece of her arse for ages". Jack steps under the shower with Tess and proceeds to soap up her body, focusing on her breasts, slipping the straps off her shoulders. Tess puts her arms around Jack's neck and kisses him passionately and his soapy hand massages her pubes, then pushing the tiny triangle of translucent material aside, rubs her clit and down through the folds of her labia to gently explore the entrance of her desire. Tess releases her arms from his neck, kissing her way down his chest, then her hands slide his boxes off his hips. His boner jumps out at her. It is as big as Emily had boasted. Tess licks his glans, round and round, lubricating his shaft with saliva then using both hands in twisting motions, she takes more and more of him into her mouth.

Meanwhile, back at the banana lounges, Tim comes over to Emily. "I'm sorry I missed you at Sandy's party, I was otherwise occupied. And Tess told me all about your play date. I've often said to Tess, how hot I think you are". 

"Jack's told me how big your cock is, from what he's seen at the Gym. I'm just dying to feel it in me" replies Em. 

"Come with me" says Tim, taking Em's hand and leading her to a mattress in the shade of the pergola. As he lowers her down onto the mattress, hands behind her head and legs spread wide, he can't help but admire the beauty below him. 

His wife has her own beauty, more olive skin, more buxom and perky nipples, slightly broader thighs and awesome butt, and her 'outie' pussy and heart shaped pubic hair are to die for. But the beauty of Emily below him is equally desirable, though different. Despite the tiny pieces of material of her bikini, Tim, can see that despite slightly smaller breasts, Emily has larger swollen areola without the stiff perky nipple tips like Tess. With her flooding cunt juices making her tiny bikini thong transparent, Tim can see that she is clean-shaven and has a neat 'innie' pussy tucked down low. 

His swollen cock is straining inside his Speedos and his obvious erection is pushing against the waist band. Emily reaches up and undoes his waist cord and drags his swimmers down till his cock springs out like a jack-in/out-of-the box. With a wiggle, his Speedos fall off and he drops to his knees between Emily's legs. Leaning forward, they kiss, Emily's hands grasping his head pulling it against her face in very deep French kissing. As their chests rub against each other, the tiny triangles of material that were her bikini top, slide off her breasts and Em relishes the feeling of Tim's muscly chest rubbing her swelling areola. 

Meanwhile, down below, she can feel Tim's thick hard cock nestling into the cleft of her camel toe. She spreads her thighs some more and wriggles against Tim's hardness so that her thong slips between her labia. Tim is starting to slide up and down her slit. "Oh my God" she thinks, "I need to get this thong off so I can feel his fullness". She reaches down to her thigh straps. Tim helps and they slide her thong off her feet. Tim returns to a very hot wet pussy slide. "Oh fuck. His cock is so good" thinks Emily.

Emily looks to the house side and can see Tess bent over and Jack fucking her from behind. "Come on you fucker" says Em to Tim. "I want to feel all of you filling me up. And don't spare the cum. Fuck me like my husband is fucking your wife!"

Well the four of them might have been just the young side of forty, but by God they could fuck like teenagers. With "Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming", and "Give it to me big boy. Fill me me with you cum" and "Oh, Ah, Oh my God. Shit yes!", it was difficult to say who came first.

After 5 or 10 minutes recovering, cooling off, cuddling, kissing and chatting, they all got up and had some fun spraying each other under the shower, fondling, kissing and smacking arses. It wasn't sexual now, they were all well and truly fucked.

They toweled each other off, pegged their bathers on the line under the veranda, and wandered inside, commando, to drink coffee and replenish their strength with some nibbles (food that is).

But before long, the ever organised Tess's phone alarm goes off to remind them that they had to collect the children from the mall.

"Want to play 'Tag Teams' next week?" suggests Tess. "Wednesday night; say 8:30?"

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  1. Love all the sexy verbal lol
    May ;-)

  2. Thanks May,
    Coming from a technical writing background, it is very hard to break out of the mold of writing in the 3rd person past tense.
    I have to scrupulously edit to make sure the tense is consistent throughout.
    Present tense and dialogue makes a piece much more intimate and helps the reader imagine they are present in the action themselves.
    Like script writing, it is another level of writing skill.

    Thanks for your support,


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