Friday, 9 August 2019

Peeping Taboo

Tom and SO had been married about 4 years at the time. The marital bed had gone from cool to icey. This particular night was like so many others, a rejection, argument and cold shoulder. Tom tossed and turned for an hour, whilst SO drifted into a deep sleep, oblivious of Tom's needs and pain. Tom slipped out of bed to get a glass of milk, hoping that would help him get to sleep.

As Tom padded down the dark corridor, he noticed light shining into the dining room. As he slipped into the back corner of the dark room, he could see that light was streaming in from the bedroom window of the house next door. Now Eve, the resident, was a twenty something student, living with her single mum and brother. Eve always seemed a plain Jane as she headed off to college each day in quite dumpy clothes with never an effort to look attractive.

Suddenly the light brightened as the blind was released fully up and Eve stood in the window, obviously just out of the shower. She tousled her hair, then released her towel wrap and stood there, looking out into the darkness, in all her natural naked beauty. Tom could see now that Eve was actually quite a beauty, youthfully trim and taut, obviously sporty, with well developed curves.
Eve reached over to the dresser and got a bottle of body lotion, and proceeded to rub copious lotion all over her body, from head to toe, from tits to twat. She still made no attempt of privacy, standing in front of the window.
Eve now started her pre-bedtime exercises, stretches, squats and backward arches, giving peeping Tom a full-on flash. She then threw a leg high up on the window frame for a full frontal standing splits.

Did she know Tom was watching? Was she hoping he was watching?

She stretched her arms up and started running her fingers down her legs. As she reached her smooth shaven pubes, her fingers lightly slipped through her folds, but not daring to enter her inner sanctum. Tom sensed her tension as her lustful instincts were fighting with her up-bringing taboo, that "nice girls don't play with them-selves down there".

This gave a clue to her late night naked exhibitionism. She must have a dark, deep down lustful desire for exhibitionism, but to do so in front of people was taboo. But in the privacy of her bedroom, with an audience of lustful imaginary eyes in the darkness of a void outside her window, she found her freedom.

With her exercises finished, she reached for her perfume and sprayed her whole body, then slipped into bed, still totally naked, and the lights went off.

Tom was flushed, his heart thumping, and his own hard taboo nudging through his pajama fly. He went and fetched his glass of milk, then slipped back into his cold bed. He quickly dosed off to sleep, wrapped in wonderful memories of his own personal taboo peep show.
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