Sunday, 28 April 2013

That Smile

What a beautiful thing it is.  I'm just sad it took me 40 years to finally see it.

I had been seeing D, my Moroccan Maid, for a couple of months.  I was her last client for the day.  She told me she had had a shitty day and she needed some "me" time.

Her cunni linctus tasted as sweet as honey and my honey D was really 'buzzing'.  Finally, in desperation (?) she jumped on me and rode me like a woman possessed, possessed with a need, the desire to be fucked, hard, to be filled, to come and come hard on me.  She twisted and ground on me, working her clit hard against my pubes, until she came, with that deep down vaginal orgasm, that started by clenching 'little Tom' tightly, then with spasms that spread to her thighs and legs, squeezing around me, then up her body, tensing, throwing her head back.  With such glorious, intense sensations coursing through my body too, I couldn't help but come with her.

Then she collapsed across my chest.  Her gorgeous breasts were crushed between us, her chest heaving in exhaustion, her whole body glowing with the sheen of perspiration.

And she looked into my eyes with the most contented, serene smile I have ever seen.  It was almost like the Cheshire Cat that got the cream (well it was my cream actually).

We lay together, she on top of me for a couple of minutes as we caught our breaths, then she rolled off into the crook of me arm, and said, "I'm fucked.  I needed that.  I could just go to sleep in your arms".

Thanks D.  You certainly know how to make a man feel like he is the greatest lover in the world.

That smile?  Eat your heart out Mona Lisa!

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