Thursday, 3 June 2021

Pin the Tail on the Ass Tag Teams

Part 7 of Jack and Emily's journey of sexual renewal. Catch up at:-

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  6. The Pool Party

Sure enough, on the Monday following the pool party, Emily receives an e-mail from Tess inviting she and Jack to a 'Tag Team' night at her house on Friday. 

Image: "TheSportster" Wrestlemania

It was to be a 'fun' night, so they are to wear some sort of sexy fancy dress costume, mask or hat. Tess is going to introduce them to Fanny and Dick, another couple in their circle - nibbles and drinks kick off at 7pm. The change from Wednesday to Friday is to allow the kids to have a pajama party with no school next day. Tess asks if they would mind if her children come to Em's house for the evening and their 17 year old Tabitha would 'sit' them. "Just to clarify" Tess wrote, "our little group has some basic rules.  We meet for group sexy fun - there is no 'partner swapping' as such, and at the end of the night we go home with our own partners, for the sake of the children. We use a 'safe word' of 'Red light' if there is something you don't like, or a double tap on the other person's shoulder".

Emily immediately replies with a "Can't wait!".

On Friday, Emily has the children fed, showered and dressed for bed early. Tabitha arrives with her brother and sister about 6. Once she has been shown where everything is, Emily and Jack drive over to Tess and Tim's. Jack and Emily have dressed in leathers and Em looks the quintessential 'biker's moll'.

Tim answers the door dressed in a Tarzan loin cloth. Tess calls out "Hi", flouncing around in a skimpy leopard print 'dress' - well 'dress' is a bit of an exaggeration - it is a piece of cloth draped over one shoulder, leaving the opposite breast exposed and hung down the front and back, barely covering her butt. A simple cord cinches it to her slim waist.

It is just a minute or two later and the door bell rings again. Tess brings in Fanny and Dick and introduces them. Fanny is dressed in tight white leather short-shorts, a pink fluro crop-top and she towers on 6" perspex platform shoes. Dick, with sleeveless leather top over his bare hairy chest, is sporting heavy gold bling, looking perfectly like her pimp.

Tess arranges everyone seated around the lounge, separating each from their partner. After hor dourves and a couple of glasses of champagne, Tess rings a bell and announces "Let the games begin".

"OK girls. Time to get commando, if you're not already. We are going to play 'pin the tale on the ass'". Tess produces two bowls with the three names of the girls in one and the guy's names in the other. She then comes out with three blind-folds and three fox tails on butt plugs and a large tube of lube. She draws the first guy's name out, Dick, and he is duly blind-folded and given the first tail with the plug well lubed. The first girl's name drawn is her own, so Tess flicks her 'dress' up and assumes the position and Em lubes her up. The others twirl Dick round and round, and then with much jeering, yahooing and encouragement, Dick feels his way around, fondling bodies, breasts and butts until he finds Tess's naked arse, then with exploring fingers, 'pins the tail on the ass', with much cheering.

Image from

The game is repeated twice more till all foxy ladies are appropriately tailed.

With three glasses of champagne downed, the ladies retire to the bathroom. "I have never understood women" says Tim. "They always seem to turn going for a piss into a social event!". The other two agree with a half tipsy giggle.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Tess presides over the proceedings. "OK girls, we are playing Tag Team next. But we are going to trick the guys. We all have to remove make-up and wash off perfume. I have a different bottle of perfume that we will all wear. Then I have three wigs, blond, black and brunette, the same as our natural hair, but we are each going to wear a different colour from our natural hair. OK, now lets strip off, keep your tail on and get ready".

The girls sashay back into the lounge, swinging their boobs and twerking their fox tails, to much cheering and clapping from the guys. The men start stripping themselves without further encouragement.

"Right O guys. We are going to play Tag Team next, but I'm afraid you are the ones being tagged" announces Tess. Pulling out three padded ottomans, Tess directs the men to finish stripping and to sit down. "Right girls. Blind-fold these fuckers. Now lie them back and use these cords to tie their hand to the legs". The men are now lying on their backs over the ottomans with their heads hanging over one end and their legs over the other, with rising erections on prominent display.

"OK girls. I've got a timer here and we are going to have three minutes on each guy in turn, switching to the next man on the bell. We'll start off sucking those nice cocks I see rising to the occasion. Then we'll switch ends and sit on their faces to see if they are as good suckers and lickers as they are fuckers. Then we'll do the round again for some more clitoral attention whilst we suck them off 69 style. Finally, we will fuck these poor aching twitching cocks, three minutes each, repeating the circle until one of them comes."

"Now girls, I want you to call out the counts as you reach each orgasm. There is a prize for the first to orgasm and a prize for the most orgasms. For you guys, there is a prize for the guy that lasts the longest before cumming."

Tess sets the timer for the first round and announces "Let the game begin".

Two minutes into the first sitting of cunnilingus, Fanny shouts "That's one" whilst her body shakes and her thighs clamp around poor Jack's head. On their second guy, Tess and Em call "One" and Fanny calls "Two" and "Three". On their third sitting,  Tess calls three more and Fanny two more. Emily is struggling to climb the peak again. In the 69 round, all three girls have three more orgasms each.

Under 69, poor Dick is struggling to hold back. He holds his breath, stiffening his legs and reciting football scores in his head to take his mind off what is happening. The switch of partner gives him a few seconds each time to back off.

In the fucking round, despite the prize incentive, all three guys can't help but to thrust back. All three just manage to pass the six minute mark. With his third partner, Tim thrusts and twists in Fanny's cunt (though neither know who the other is) until he hits her g-spot. Fanny orgasms again with a massive vaginal orgasm, her whole body shaking and her cunt clamping tightly around Tim, sucking and sucking, until he can't resist and explodes into her. As Fanny's orgasm subsides, she breathlessly whispers "That's six I think". She falls forward onto Tim's chest, their heated perspiration intermingling. Her cunt still holds Tim's slowly deflating erection in, when there is a small twitching orgasm. She giggles, saying "Seven". In the remaining two minutes she claims "Eight" and "Nine".

"Oh bugger" exclaims Tim, "I just couldn't hold out any longer".

On the final bell, the girls lean forward removing their man's blind-fold and kissing them passionately, with a "Thank you".

The girls get up and undo the men's tied hands. Tim and Fanny embrace and kiss passionately. But Dick and Jack still have raging unsatisfied erections. With a glance at each other, they each push their woman forward over a chair and with a flick of their fox tails to one side, plunge their aching hardness into the waiting red hot wet cunts and finish what the girls had started, with Jack lasting longest by about one second.

All totally exhausted, they collapse onto the settees to cool off and to catch their breath. After a couple of minutes, Tim announces, "OK guys. Dinner's not finished till we've eaten dessert". So they all immediately drop to their knees in front of their last partner and lick those creamy pussies clean.

Finally, Tess gets up and brings in glasses of iced water.

Recuperated, they get chatting and congratulating Tess on an excellent games night. Tess then brings out three packages and presents Fanny with prizes for the first and most orgasms, and Jack for lasting the longest. As a consolation prize, Tess brings out a little medallion hanging on a loop of ribbon, which she hangs over Tim's cock. There is much whooping, clapping and slapping Tim on the back.

Unfortunately, Tim and Tess only have a double shower, so the couples go off to shower in pairs, each with their final partner. In their semi-drunken state and the girls wigs, the guys still aren't quite sure who they are with. In the bathroom, Fanny removes her wig and fox tail, and Tim says, "So it's you. You were awesome". In the shower, having washed each other down, Fanny says "You were pretty awesome yourself. Come here!" and pushes Tim's head down to her groin, thrusting her pussy into his face where he licks and sucks until she comes again, "Oh thank you! That's ten. A perfect ending to a perfect evening!" exclaims Fanny.

As they dry off, Emily and Dick came into to shower, then Tess and Jack. 

All dried, Tess tells them "You can all wear your fox tails home too". With fox tails reinserted, they all collect their gear putting on just sufficient clothes to be semi-respectable for their drives home. Back with their respective partners as they head to the door, Fanny turns around and says "Our place next month?".

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