Friday, 16 April 2021

Goldilocks and the Three Bares

Goldilocks was a free spirit. As she walked through the woods, the spring flowers, their intoxicating scent and the sunshine exhilarated her. A puff of warm air lifted her light, short cotton dress and caressed the golden locks of her commando pubes. With all inhibition blown away, she begins to dance and frolic across the meadow.

After a while, she reaches a house, deep in the forest glades. Feeling warm, flushed and thirsty, Goldilocks decides to go and ask for a glass of water. At the door, she sees a wooden carved plaque, "Bare family. (Clothing optional)". Without a second thought, she undoes her dress clasp and with a shrug it drops off her shoulders and slips down her lithe naked body.

Goldilocks reaches for the door knocker, strangely shaped like an long erect penis, but the unlatched door swings open at her touch. She enters and seeing the house empty, gets herself a glass of water at the sink.

Feeling a little tired after her dance through the forest, Goldiocks explores the house and finds a bedroom, where she flops down, spreadeagled and dozes off to sleep.

She is a woken by her shoulder being touched. Opening her eyes, she sees a teen-aged young man standing there, obviously Jnr. Bare. Her eyes scan his handsome, muscular, though young, body. "What is that?" A tiny limp appendage dangles between his legs. "Much too small for me!" she thinks.

Jumping off the bed, Goldilocks finds another bedroom and settles down. After a couple of minutes, a tall blond voluptuous women enters, Momma Bare. OMG! Goldilocks' heart skips a beat at the sight of her soft curves. She has beautiful soft golden curls atop her women-hood, not unlike Goldilocks' own.

"John, we have a visitor" Momma Bare calls to her husband in sweet dulcet tones, not angry at all.

Poppa Bare comes in and Goldilocks' heart skips two beats. John Bare is obviously a wood-cutter with a sculpted muscly body. He too is blond, but it is his enormous dick that Goldilocks can't take her eyes off. As John's eyes caress her naked body and golden locks, Goldilocks sees his cock twitch and slowly start to rise. She feels her clit aroused and her cunt moistening. "This size is just right" thinks Goldilocks.

"My! What a big cock you have" declares Goldilocks. "All the better to fuck you with" replies Poppa Bare with a smile.

"Jack" Poppa Bare calls to his son. "Come here. It's time you learned about the Facts of Life!".

Poppa Bare pulls Goldilocks to the edge of the bed and directs Jack to stand to the side of the bed. Momma Bare kneels on the bed and leans over to lick Goldilocks' pink perk nipples. "Welcome to the Bare house" says Momma Bare. Goldilocks feels an electric shock shoot through her clit. Poppa Bare's cock is a red hot rod now and he is sliding his glans up and down her moist vulva. Subconsciously, Goldilocks' hips rise to meet him. 

She turns her head to the side and sees Jack. That tiny little appendage is growing like a bean-stalk. She reaches out and gently takes him in hand. "OMG, it is thickening and getting hotter and longer by the second" thinks Goldilocks.

"OOOOOMG!" Goldilock's cunt is flooding as Poppa Bare gently slides into her. Momma Bare swings a leg over and lowers her own vulva to Goldilocks' lips. The scent of her wet sex is overwhelming and she licks Momma Bare's juices.

Goldilocks' body is starting to shake as she approaches orgasm. Momma Bare is grinding on her face and starting to shake. Poppa Bare's cock is starting to twitch in her pussy and Jack is groaning and his cock is twitching.

Suddenly there is a sexual explosion of a four-way orgasm. Jack's jizz squirts over her hand and across her body. Momma Bare's cunt fills her mouth with squirt and Poppa Bare's throbbing cock fills her cunt with warm sticky seed as her pussy muscles squeeze him tight in spasms of her own orgasm, holding him in for a minute or two.

And so Goldilocks and the three Bares fucked happily ever after - Momma and Poppa on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Jack on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, improving his education erectucation. On Sundays, Goldilocks rested and fucked herself.

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  1. This put a smile on my face. I love when fairy tales are rewritten in a sexy way ;)
    ~ Marie

  2. You've smashed this, so many fairytale traditions woven into one very entertaining story.

    1. Thank you for your kind warm stimulating comment Posy.
      I think I feel another lexigasm coming on!


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