Friday, 1 January 2021

Sexual Independence Day - Hot Rodding Mai (2007)

Content Warning! Contains graphic sexual descriptions, originally written as a personal journal for private use.

I was going through some old archives on my computer recently in an 'iso' cleanup moment, and came across the following in my old FOTM Journal from 2007 (this was before my BLOG). OMG, 2007 - checking my diary, I see that Mai was only the 3rd LOP I had the pleasure of after finally giving up on a lustless marriage, and diving into the world of transactional sex. After Mai, I was well and truly hooked. Wow, is this what marital sex was supposed to be like? Woo; Hoo; Celebration!!! Sexual Independence Day! "Happy New Year Life"!


"It is a Wednesday evening in the middle of January (2007) and I really need a fuck. I think I'll try out 'Night Moves', a cheaper Asian 'jìyuàn' (brothel) in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. It is an old house in an industrial area. I park around the back and go and knock on the door. The "mamasan" is quite young and brusk. She takes me straight to a bedroom to meet the available girls. She quotes me the prices and I ask for a "quickie" 20 minute 'xìngjiāo'.

The room is very basic, really in need of tarting up.  A mirror across the bedhead has a crack. A curtain hangs off the end of the curtain rail.  No luxury here. The shower 'cubicle' in the corner is so small, that if I drop the soap, I will have to open the door to bend over to pick it up.

The girls file in and introduce themselves in very broken English that I can barely understand.  Mamasan comes back and asks who I would like.  I ask for Mai, a very small, slightly built Chinese girl.  I quickly shower in the corner cubicle.  I am drying off when Mai comes in.  Even small talk is very difficult with her poor English.

Before I can even get to her, she has slipped her clothes off.  Her head barely reaches the top of my chest. I pull her to me.  She apologies that she is so small, as I touch her breasts - just rather prominent erect nipples with no breast to speak of at all.  She starts to rub her body against me.  I can feel her public hair against my rising cock.  I run my hands down her back and over her bum.  After more rubbing, my erection is full and Mai steps back, unwraps a condom and kneels down to roll it on me (Ed. this was before I needed Viagra - oh the memories of a natural hard-on).  She then starts to give me head.  She is straight forward and fast, no real deep throat.


After a couple of minutes of sucking, I don't want a blow job,  I help her stand up.  We are still standing beside the bed.  She is so small and light, I have an idea.  I place my hands under her arm pits and lift her up and impale her straight onto my waiting hot rod - she was already hot and wet and receptive.  Her legs wrap around my waist.  She lets out a little giggle and an "Oooh!". A new move for her?

"Ooooh, Yeah!" Hot Rodded (not Mai though)

She proceeds to lift her body up and down, quite fast, fucking me like a bitch on heat.  She is so light, it is no effort at all.  We fuck for a couple of minutes but I don't want to come this quickly, so I lift her off and lie her back on the bed.

I get a good look at her now, spreadeagled before me.  Her skin is china white.  Her erect nipples are dark brown with no discernible areola and virtually no swelling boobs.  Her pubes are unshaven with just a small black 'landing strip'.  Her labia petals are swelling open already. 

Mai lifts her arms to me, inviting me to enter her.  I reach me hand to her fanny, but she takes it away, drawing me down.  I slide up her tiny body until my cock is 'kissed' by her hot, wet, waiting labia, and I easily slip straight in.  I no sooner have my prick in her kitty, than she starts to fuck, fast.  Her cunt is tight and I feel her muscles wrapped around my rod as she thrusts, up and down, back and forth, fucking, fucking, fucking.  With each withdrawal, I feel her pussy lips sucking my cock back in.  I know this is going to be a quickie. 

I pull back, sliding out of her ravishingly hot depths and roll her onto her stomach.  I lift her thighs to my height and kneel behind her.  I feel for her fanny with my fingers, but Mai is already gaping in anticipation.  She wriggles her bum back until her slick cunt slides onto my aching, waiting rod.  We start to fuck again, she’s rocking her whole body, backward onto me, then forward, her tight twat gripping the tip of my cock with her lips, not letting me slip out, then she thrusts back onto me, her bum slapping into me lap.

Our pace quickens, fuck, slap; in, out; thrust, suck.  Boy she is a good fucker, like a rooting rabbit.  Her pussy is super hot now, even through my condom.  My rod is stiffening even harder and tingling.  I can feel my cum rising in my shaft.  I want to come.  I need a quickie tonight.  I fuck harder and faster till my prick can hold it no longer.  With a final thrust and slap, I ram my cock as far up Mai's cunt as I can and hold her, slamming against her cervix. Her kegel muscles clamp tightly around me trying to suck the cum out of me.  My hands are around her small chest tweaking her nipples.  My cock is throbbing, pulsing, then there is a flood of warmth as my cum fills my rubber.  I hold there for a minute as the last of my spasms subsides and her kegels finally relax their grip. Definitely an 8.5 on the 'fuchter' scale. No "Girl Friend Experience", no 'connection', no kissing, no oral on her, just pure, raw lustful fucking.

Mai quickly pulls off me and walks around the bed. I sit on the side as she quickly cleans me up with a handful of tissues.  I shower and dress. I don't think I got my full 20 minutes, but it was an awesome, quickie hot fuck.  Mai is a consummate professional prostitute.  Get the money, get him up quickly and fuck hard and fast."


I generally don't like to dwell on numbers, but less than 50 times in 35 years of marriage (and barely 10% of those enjoyable)? WTF? Why/how did I wait so long? I guess marriage can survive (just) on care and love alone. Compare that to 300+ times (they are $250/hr after all, not live-in arrangements) with about 100 different wonderful, hot ladies, some outright nymphomaniacs, in 13 years. 

But here I am now at 72, with post prostate cancer radiotherapy ED. What will 2021 hold? I will continue my trial 'treatment' of regular low-dose Viagra tablets, with a high dose boost when needed. I have some very understanding regular LOPs, with whom I can go for a 'test drive'. Perhaps the memories of Mai might give me a little extra stimulation. I do have 13 years of wonderful memories to reminisce over, even if I can't get a 'hot rod' anymore just reading them!

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  1. I love that you share this experience from so long ago. This made me smile: "Get the money, get him up quickly and fuck hard and fast." as I never thought about this, but I guess they are told how they should 'handle' customers to keep everyone happy...
    ~ Marie

  2. Loved reading this Sir T - great raw sexy writing
    May ;-)


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