Saturday, 20 November 2021

VPL or VNBs? Kink preference?

This week's Kink of the Week prompt of 'VPL' (Visible Panty Lines) got me thinking about the broader issue of what a person's clothes say or imply about what is underneath them.

But first, VPL - frankly they do nothing for me. If anything, the lack of PLs says more. A smooth, butt hugging skirt or slacks with no PLs is much more of a turn-on. And white shows the lack of PLs much better.

Mind you, a beautiful body hugging lace or crochet gown (think gala night red carpet), that with the right movement and light allows a glimpse and a hint of the thong worn under it, is very sexy.

If we extend the idea of panties a little, then there is nothing sexier than short shorts, bikini, gym or sports wear that shows off a camel toe. I'm sure such ladies flash them just to get a glimpse of the bulge growing in a man's shorts.

In the broader sense of using clothes to emphasize what's underneath, nothing surpasses women's breast wear. From bras that go from lace to sheer material, balconette, push-up, cut-away and other secret women's business that we mere males never know the details but appreciate the result. Then these are topped with a variety of outer coverings (or barely covering), from bust hugging to emphasize the rounded volume, to deep scooped decolletage or navel deep plunging slits, that draws one's eyes down to caress the cleavage. And these days we have the under-boob and exposed side views.

Elyse Taylor, VNBs through a sheer bra

Generally, males have never had or used such body emphasizing clothes. The few exceptions might be some rock performers that stuff their crotch. Then the athletic males with well developed abs might wear a netting tank-top - the shadows of the netting emphasizes their sculpted body.

But getting back to VPL, I much prefer VNBs (Visible Nipple Bumps). Whether through a sheer bra or commando, they are lip smacking sexy.

Strangely, in my senior years, possibly related to my prostate ED no longer getting a normal rise from the sight of a sexy woman, and that in retirement I mostly wear polo shirts with a rougher material than cotton business shirts, I now find my own nipples more sensitive and arousable. When I go the the bathroom, I can't help but notice my own VNBs in the mirror and enjoy a little flick and rub. I don't know whether women notice men's VNBs or find them arousing. I hope so - I look forward to the occasional nibble!

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