Friday, 22 October 2021

The Hot Steamy Railway Museum

I'm not particularly 'in' to musty, dusty traditional museums, but there is something about their 'honesty' that I appreciate. You see that the human body and sexuality has been appreciated since the start of time. From nude paintings and statues, to historical wooden and stone dildos and phallic idols.

But personally, I prefer a 'manly' museum of steam engines and their ilk. And of course, they are at their best when in action.

To see the piston rods glistening with lube sliding in and out of the cylinders, then the sigh of steam exhaust after each thrust, is quite arousing. But it's really a male thing to think that the piston rod is doing the work. In fact it is the vagina cylinder that does all the work, alternatively sucking him it in and pushing it out. Then it is the connecting rods that turn the wheels and make the world go round. The rocking of the valve gear moving in opposition to the piston rods, also in sync with the sound, is quite hypnotic.

Image from '' - click for animation and sound.

The steam experience is a multi-sensory thing. From the heat of steam and smell of coal, to the sound of huff, chuff, shhhh, sigh, then as the speed builds up, the thumping rhythm - if you listen closely I'm sure you can hear it saying, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! As the speed of the piston thrusting in and out, builds and builds and builds, faster and faster, the whole engine body is shaking, until there is the climax of the boiler pressure releasing through the whistle with an ejaculation of steam and I'm sure I heard it squeal, "Yeeeeeeeees!".

After we gather our composure having experienced that orgasmic steam exhibition, my steam wench and I board the special steam train for the trip home. We find an empty compartment and pull the blinds down for privacy. With the windows open a little, we get the smell of steam and coal again. 

She straddles my lap and we kiss passionately. My own piston rod is hardening and my wench works her pubes against me. My boiler pressure is rising. She steps off me for a minute to uncover her self-lubricating sex cylinder. Meanwhile, I have unzipped my piston cover. With a little saliva I quickly get it glistening with lube. My wench kneels over me again, and just as our parts meet, the carriage shakes and the couplings rattle as we start to move out of the station. Our own coupling slides together and we can hear the engine in front of our carriage, huffing and puffing, alternately shhh-ing and sighing. Our own speed builds up as the train speeds up. The clickety-clack as the train rolls over rail joints, rumbles up through the seat, my buttocks and rattles our coupling. My wench is rising and falling on me, thrusting in and out in time with the sound of the engine. Our speed is building. My rod is now steel hard and red hot.

Our passion is at boiling point, when suddenly the engine whistle blows just as we cum together, a three-way orgasmic blast!

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PS. 'Steam Wench' - Maaaaaaany years ago, in my youth, I volunteered at a steam museum. One day, we were restoring an old steam engine powered winch, as used in mines. Being an all male group, one of the wags exclaimed "What we need around here is more Steam Wenches!".

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  1. Train sex makes a lot more sense than plane sex (mile high club). More room and the right rhythm.


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