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Elust #146 - The Clitoral 'Erection'

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Image courtesy of Sara Bella.

Welcome to Elust 145.

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Erotic Fiction

The Baker’s Wife - Tabitha Rayne is rescuing stories from  her books that are no longer available due to publisher closing their doors. Reappearing as a collection as "Almost Pulped". This baker's wife "needs to be kneaded"!
Droit de Seigneur 27 - The Lords Right! "Yvain stared at the man she had married, before she was brought to the castle for the Seigneur to take her virginities."
Strangers on a Commute - My commutes home from work were never this good!
Precious Juice - A warning to all guys, "You cannot masturbate as much as girls do. Oh no! It's gonna be soon a dry river between your legs". Horror the thought!

Erotic Non Fiction

CUCKADOODLEDO! - 'Mistress Victory' recounts a phone-sex erotic BDSM encounter.
My New Strap On - The Barefoot Sub recounts her task for Sir, using a new strap-on (her first) on playmate Pink.
Cuckold Husband in Chastity Buys His Wife a Pearl Necklace - Oz BigDownUnder, services Mr Cuckold Husband and Mrs Hotty Hotwife in Dubbai.
Hands - Joy recounts "For as long as I can remember hands have been my favourite part of the male body: knuckles, fingers, palms, a glimpse of that little bone at the wrist peeking out from under a shirt cuff, just all of it."
My Bukkake Events are Back! - With easing of Covid restrictions, Sandra is back (with Oz) organising Bukkake Events (London, UK).
New Slave into Ballbusting and Small Dick Humiliation - Milady Goddess, introduces a new slave to her world of BDSM - ouch!

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

6 Sustainable Tips For an Eco-friendly Sex Life - I hadn't really given this a thought before. Eco condoms, glass dildos instead of silicone/rubber, plastic free packaging, long wearing environmental friendly clothes (no nylon lingerie), organic lube, and rechargeable batteries in your toys. Great thoughts Ella!
What Type of Vibrator is Right For You? - I was a bit worried at first that this was a chick only post, then I got to the 'penis vibrator' - yah!
The Power of a Kiss - I'm like Tomi, the deep french kiss is such a turn-on. It has surprised me, as Tomi touches on, that there are people that aren't into kissing, and there are so many types of kissing in the spectrum.
Bookmarking: a strategy for prioritizing intimacy - 'Bookmarking'? What can that have to do with Lust? But of course Bridget weaves it in beautifully - balancing work/life/sex is something we all have to grapple with and prioritizing is so important. And Bridget's idea of learning to say 'pause it there' (bookmark that), so that you can 'resume' at a more appropriate time, is great. I gives a new perspective on 'coitus interruptus'!

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

A Goddess to Tease You Into Her Trap - Sakura's Domme Views - some Q&As on her fetishes.

Body Talk

H is for Hair Down There and Everywhere, Still Don’t Care - 'Sans cheveaux' or 'Hair sweet'?
The Clitoral 'Erection' - If only men understood women's anatomy better and learned to play her 'clitoral' instrument. Why can't men make love like a woman?

Writing about writing

Episodic - The issue with episodic writing (as distinct from writing a whole book) is that each episode must have a certain degree of completeness, without too many hanging questions that might not be answered till the very end of the book (or last episode).
Write the Erotica You Want to See In the World - "It can be just pure escapist drivel, too. All good art is allowed to have its escapist, check-out, dissociative, frivolous forms". "But it can also be radical. The erotica I love is gender affirming."


Advice For When Booking an Independent Escort - From an escort to potential clients. Research before booking, communicate, be respectful of boundaries, privacy, time, paying and cleanliness.
How To Be Anonymous in the Adult Industry 2022 - Workers in the Adult Industry are under attack from both ends, from creepy, stalker 'clients', to oppressive moralistic laws posing as "protecting minors", to economic denial of 'sex work is still work' by denying access to basic banking facilities. Anonymity helps, but brings its own issues of being scammed and having work work stolen. 

Elust 145

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