Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Nickey and Nina's Coming of Age

Now Nickey and Nina Mouse were chronologically over 90 years old, but by a quirk of the stroke of a pen, they were still just pubescent. It was early evening and Wally, their illustrator, had gone home. They lay spreadeagled beside each other on the drawing board.

"Hey, Nickey" said Nina. "Did you see what Wally got up to with that colourist woman, Wanda? He had her bent up against the wall over there. He had her dress up over her thighs and his pants were down. A little thing between his legs grew and grew. It looked so big. Then he pushed it into the back of her. I think I heard them call it 'fucking'. Ooooh. The gasps and sighs they made. They must have been going at it for 10 minutes or more, then she screamed "I'm coming" and she started shaking. Then he grunted and said he was coming too, and he pushed up into her and held there for a minute. Then he pulled out and his thing was dangling. They seemed so hot and out of breath. She turned around and they kissed, before they put their cloths and on went out".

"Nickey, do you think you would be able to fuck me?" asked Nina.

"That sounds very nice" replied Nickey, "But we don't have, you know, the 'bits'".

Nina thought for a moment, then exclaimed "Look Nickey. Wally has left his pen and pencil on the board. Do you think you could draw some titties on me, like Jessica has?"

"I guess so" said Nickey, "And I could give myself a willy like Wally!".

So Nickey picked up the eraser and proceeded to rub the dress off Nina, and he drew a pair of lovely round tits on Nina. "Oh, they're lovely" she exclaimed, "But give me some nice big nipples. Wanda said she loved how Wally rubbed here titties and asked him to suck her nipples. Draw me some lovely big nipples on my titties and lick and suck them for me!".

Nickey did as she asked and lent over and licked and sucked them. "Oh Nickey, that feels so wonderful" exclaimed Nina.

"Now Nickey, can you give yourself a cock and a nice big erection - that's what Wanda called it?" asked Nina.

Nickey turned the eraser on himself and removed his clothes, then drew a cock between his legs.

"No, no!" exclaimed Nina. "Much bigger and thicker than that. And pointed straight up!".

Nickey rubbed and drew until he had a much bigger erection.

"Oh, that's much better. I am really looking forward to being fucked by that beautiful cock. But before you can fuck me I need a 'cunt' - well that's what Wally called the slit between Wanda's legs! There's not much to see. There must be a hole in there where he sticks his cock. Come on Nickey, I'm dying to feel you in me!"

So Nickey drew a nice slit between Nina's legs, and rubbed with the eraser to get its size and shape just right, much to Nina's delight. He then used the tip of the pencil to create a hole in the middle.

"Oh, Nickey, that feels so good, even with just the pencil tip. But I want to feel your big cock in there now. Come on, fuck me!".

And so Nickey and Nina Mouse finally came of age, enjoying the delights of sex for the first time.

The drawing board was soon rocking and "Oohs", "Arghs" and gasps of pleasure escaped their lips. Their bodies finally stiffened with a final shudder and they collapsed on each other.

Suddenly they heard footsteps in the corridor outside.

"Oooh, Nickey, I think Wally is coming back. Ooh, look. I've got ink running down my leg. Get some blotting paper. You had better draw some clothes back on us. Oh, and you had better rub out that big erection. We don't want Wally to see what we've been up to!".

"Ooh, Nickey, I love you" said Nina, giving Nickey a big hug. "Can we fuck again tomorrow night. In fact I want to be fucked like that every night for the next ninety years!".

Image from Disneyclips.com

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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely brilliant. Really loved reading this!
    ~ Marie xox


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