Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Viagra's Ups and Downs

I have posted previously an anecdotal story of the dangers of Viagra overdose (see "Cunning Conversations - Viagra is Not for Boys" on ""),  but I now write from personal experience about "normal" use.

Firstly let me reiterate that Viagra and related Cialis are prescription medications, since there are medical conditions that contra-indicate their use (certain heart conditions).  Always have a doctor's consultation first.  These medications are prescribed for Erectile Dysfunction and if you don't suffer from ED, then their use just for the 'high' is unwise.

I was in my late 50's when I first started suffering the embarrassment of 'running out of steam' mid-stream (if you will excuse the mixed metaphors).  My doctor first tried me on one 100mg dose of Viagra with wonderfully hard results (but followed by side effects described below).  I also then realised that the hard coating made the tablet impossible to break in half.  I then tried a 50mg dose with almost as good results and less side-effects.

Considering their cost (around AU$70 for a packet of 4, and 50mg and 100mg sizes are around the same price - but do shop around since the price varies quite a bit between pharmacies) - I opted for the 100mg dose and use a craft knife/saw to cut them in half, thus effectively halving my per dose cost.  I have tried Cialis recently, but they seem to come in only one size which are a lot smaller and cannot be cut - they cost around AU$140 for a pack of 8.  There are also on-line/mail-order suppliers, but I'm suspicious.


The chemical's excretion rate is slower with age, so at 60 one can enjoy the effects for a good 24 hours (remember you need to take your tablet at least 30 minutes before 'required').  It's so nice to wake up the morning after with a hot hard-on - better yet if you have someone to share it with - sigh, no such luck for me.

There is a myth that you end up with a 'permanent' erection (for the duration) - this is false - you will be 'full' but flaccid until 'stimulated'.  You will be slow to come down after ejaculation (so be careful your lady-friend doesn't continue to enjoy herself and end up with a condom slippage).  You will probably also find your self ready for round 2 (or 3) sooner (decreased “refractory” period).

With Erectile Dysfunction, you may also have started losing sensitivity and take longer to come (if at all).  Viagra/Cialis does NOT help this.  So you may find that you can keep going for as long as your lady is up for it - forget the 'happy ending' and enjoy the journey.


Side effects are dose dependant and vary between users - some people claim Cialis has fewer side effects.

The first side-effect is flushing of the skin, particularly of the face - no big deal - but might be a 'give-away' to the wife!

Head-aches are common after 3-4 hours and doubly so with alcohol.

Intestinal gastric effects also occur, being gastric reflux (indigestion) and next day what I call "Teflon bowel".

If you have a predisposition to peripheral capillary bleeds (nose or haemorrhoids) there is a chance you might suffer a minor bleed.

Then there is the chance of condom 'accident' described above.


Absolutely the best thing ever.  It will keep me going into my 70s for as long as I can afford it (and the ladies).

Wishing you all a very Happy, Hard New Year.

Wikipedia (http:// has an excellent, full write-up and lots of references for more details).

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