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Monday, 12 December 2011

Breaking the Fast

OK, so my little 7 week sabbatical hasn’t really been a "fast", since I have managed to slip out once or twice for a little pick-me-up, though somewhat average.  But this week I’m back at work and was able to slip out for a regular lunch-hour catch-up with one of my best regulars.

I first met V three years ago in a double to celebrate my birthday (a big ‘0’), but its only been since early this year that I have been seeing her regularly.  And our times together have just got better and better.  Today hit the "awesome" level.

I arrived just before 12:30 on Monday, just before the lunch time "rush" and I got V straight away - a quick glance at the clock told me I could squeeze in a 45 minute booking (before I had to be back at work).  

I think I must have been her first client of the day and in fact her first since her last shift last Thursday.  To say that she was 'horny' would be no understatement and she matched my needs exactly.  Once she was stripped off, she dropped to her knees in front of the low settee on which I was sitting for a regular oral welcome.  I lifted her face and our tongue entwined in some delicious DFK then I kissed down her neck to her nipples.  Now V is not well endowed in the bust department but does have very prominent, VERY sensitive nipples - in fact I could swear that they are hot wired to her clitoris. In no time flat she is crushing her pelvis against me (remember I am sitting on the edge of the settee and she is kneeling) and has wormed herself onto my manhood, rubbing her clit along my shaft.

After a couple of delightful minutes, I help her up off her knees and back onto the bed where I have full access to give her my special tonguing.  She starts coming almost straight away.  I don’t think I have ever had such an orgasmic lady.  As I kiss my way up her body to those nipples she arches her back yet again and we slide together.  What follows was the most awesome 25 minutes of continuous DFK and grinding, thrusting orgasms.  Thank goodness I was V hard and not liable to come.  
Almost breathless and covered in perspiration, we finally roll apart.  V then goes down on me and swings a leg over to receive some soixant-neuf.  Her oral and handy-work is great but I’m just not reaching the line.  I finally suggest that I take charge - I dry off and with some vigorous DIY, V sucks my knob at the critical moment for an explosive CIM finale.
We have five minutes left on the clock and chat about birthdays, the health benefits of a good sex life and how fantastic sex is with someone you can relate to, trust and can completely relax with.
And so its shower, gargle with her mouth-wash, dress, share a glass of iced water, and head out back to work.
It’s so good to be "back in the saddle"!

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