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Sextreme Sport - The Ride

Sometimes or perhaps usually, memories of the ordinary, day-to-day things don't rise up to reminiscences. It's the unusual, out of the ordinary things that have some special 'trigger' that brings reminiscences to the fore.

Personally, sex wise, I am a vanilla, cuddly type. Cunnilingus is the closest I come to 'kink'. Whilst the encounter I describe below was extreme for me, for others you might think, "What's so unusual about that!". But as a sexygenarian at the time (8 years ago), I was starting to slow down to retirement, but still trying to explore experiences that I never got to experience in my up-tight younger years.

The Lady in Question

The lady in question working as 'Cristal', had been an average suburban sex worker, dissatisfied with her future prospects, decided to rebrand herself and move into the 'private' world. You notice that I didn't use the word 'escort'. With new breast implants, dyed pink hair and web-site and social media launch as 'Hot Babe', "the filthiest, dirtiest English slapper you will ever stick your cock in", "I am a wild, nasty, shameless, hardcore whore", "I specialize in XXX Pornstar Action, deep throat like you've never seen, all the way down your gullet, drenching your bedroom in fountains of squirt", she is not the sort of girl to take home to meet your mother or to take as an escort to a 5 star restaurant.

The Encounter

So I joined the long line of men waiting to take her on. I secured a week-day long-lunch booking, not too far from work.

At the agreed place and time, Cristal eventually comes in, cunningly disguised in an all-over tan and skimpy fluoro bikini that barely holds in her newly acquired FFs. After the obligatory preliminary shower, Cristal returns, and there is some "dancing" around each other, sizing each-other up - discovering each-other's delectations.  We move into a clinch and Cristal lifts her top and thrust her orbs into my face, saying "Wrap your tongue around these!".

There is writhing and squirming, jockeying for position till Cristal gains the upper hand and 'attacks' with tongue and mouth.  But despite being in the under-dog position, I pull her leg over and start giving that English pussy a good old Aussie licking.

She rolls off and pulls me up to a standing position in front of the mirror, then on her knees, I meet Deep Throat.  But I regain the upper hand, and push her back onto the bed, head over the edge for a face-fuck. I then pull her legs up over my shoulders for more lip-licking 69 whilst simultaneously 'pile-driving' deep down (up?) her throat.

But Cristal, showing her amazing flexibility, extricates herself, and standing, still in her 5" stillettos, with one leg shoulder high against the mirror in a vertical 'split', demands, "Well are you going to fuck this English pussy now?".  What follows, is a series of moves and positions that would do an Olympic gymnast justice. She throws pillows on the floor, pushes me down and proceeds to impale herself on me, both forward and reverse and a 'twister'.

But I regain control, and have Cristal spread-eagled on her back on the bed.  I crawl up the bed, pausing to apply more oral lubrication, before pinning her under me.  A DFK tongue battle ensures.  She lifts her legs high over my shoulders to achieve maximum penetration, and much pleading to The Almighty can be heard (definitely a 10 on my fuchter-scale).

As her shudders finally subside, I roll off, and she dives on my member to slake her thirst at my fountain of love.

Half exhausted, we both lie back for a cuddle and chat about love and marriage and internet BLOGS.

But its not long before she can feel a nudge in her crotch as Little Tom rises for more.  She swings round and licks and sucks some more, and I give her the two-finger salute.  Before long she is bucking again and reaches for another rubber and has barely got it on before the 'time up' buzzer sounds.  But do you think a buzzer is going to stop this Wicked Wench when she wants something ("its all about me!").  She is on board now and riding like a woman possessed, until in another body shuddering orgasm, she gets what she wants!  Her pussy has clamped tightly around me and I continue pumping as tremors continue to ripple through her body, till I explode too. (OMG, twice in an hour, its unheard of for the old fella).

Now, totally exhausted, we both fall back to catch our breath.  The buzzer goes a second time, and I slowly get up on wobbly legs.

The final score? A 2 all draw!

After Thoughts

Would I return? Probably not! But it is something that every man should try at least once. But with age and my latest issue of ED after prostate cancer treatment, I wouldn't be up to it.

Cristal has expanded her extreme repertoire. With up to 3 other like-minded 'sluts', she organizes "Wet & Wild" gang bangs, with sufficient men to ensure that all holes are constantly satisfied. She arrives with a wheelie case full of toys, plastic sheeting to protect floor and furniture, condoms by the gross, quart bottles of lube, and drinks and nibbles to sustain everyone's energy levels.

In writing a review at the time, I was inspired to write a parody verse from Banjo Paterson's "The Man From Snowy River". Then just last year, I was further inspired to update that with a full length parody, "The Ride - The Man From Yarra River". Whilst inspired by Cristal, it is a piece of fiction that does capture the feeling of "Sextreme Sport".

Reminiscences: Musings in Memoir — Prompt #3 "Ride"

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  1. Well, that was definitely athletic! ;)

    (I loved the movie, The Man From Snowy River.)


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