Wednesday, 18 March 2020

A Black Eye, a Kiss and a Punch in the Nose

I'm a very gentle man
Even-tempered and good-natured who you never hear complain
Who has the milk of human kindness by the quart in every vein
A patient man am I, down to my fingertips
The sort who never would, never could
Let an insulting remark escape his lips
A very gentle man.
But, let a woman in your life...........
 Prof. Higgins, in "My Fair Lady"

In my entire life, I have only ever had one black eye and been punched in the nose only once. They were both by females, but different women I might add.

Many years ago, my family and the family of the girl in question, all went to the same church. There was 30mins. between the end of Sunday School and the church service. This particular Sunday, I was running eastwards and the said girl was running northwards. Now this girl was  a pretty full-on, hard-headed type. Well we both reached the corner at the same time, and I copped her hard head right in my left eye socket. We were 4 years old at the time.

We ended up going to the same school, and despite my shiner, I took a shine to her. Well one lunch-time, behind the shelter-shed, this girl was sitting on the bench seat with a girl either side of her. Suddenly two boys took my arms and propelled me forward till our faces touched.

Well for 6 year olds, that's as good as a kiss isn't it?

My school-yard crush on this girl continued for another 8 years into secondary school, although very one sided. At about 14 years of age, it became apparent that my crush would never be reciprocated, as she was discovering that she batted for the other team.

Now fast forward about 55 years and I had been enjoying long 'lunches' with a very hot 'lady-of-pleasure', for about a year. This particular day, I was dining-at-the-Y, slurping on a very juicy peach-pie, when she started to orgasm. She clamped my head in a scissor-lock as her orgasm built up. It built and built until, "bang" - I couldn't extract my head in time and copped a punch in the nose with her pubic bone. Fortunately, no blood was drawn. Once she had come down from the heights of her orgasm, released my head and sensitivity subsided, she apologized deeply, and made it up to me in the absolutely nicest possible way.
Sometimes there are people that pass through our lives that are just unforgettable!
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