Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Elust #71

The Shingle Beach
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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

"Port and cigar" finale

This post is addressed to those fellow senior connoisseurs that don’t always achieve a “happy ending”.

Being of an age now where BJs never “Blow” (neither covered or bare-back) and 50% of the time the Main Course is not completely fulfilling either, a special Lady-of-Pleasure introduced me to DIYHJ with CIM&S.
On our 2nd ‘outing’ I discovered she had a real taste for cum  However, I have yet to find a lady that really understands what a man needs in a good HJ, so I suggested I DIY in preparation for her.  
Now, not only does she have a “taste” for it, but is quite turned on watching – the straining arm muscles, bulging veins, the reddening, thickening member, her open mouth hovering over-head, her tongue occasionally flicking out to lick off some pre-cum, the tightening of the scrotum. Then just at the crucial moment, I say, “Its all yours!”, and she pounces.  Her suction on my exploding knob is awesome, much better than either DIYHJ or BBBJs individually.  And she keeps sucking with every spasm, milking me dry, swallowing every last drop.
So if you find a lady that offers CIM&S, then I highly recommend this finish.  Once she has had her quota of O’s and the main course has explored all positions, then this is a magnificent “port and cigar” finale - smokin’.

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