Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Why Doesn't She Respond to Cunnilingus?


I saw your Google query on your visit to this blog.  I hope my past posts were of help.  But I thought it worth a full response because I am sure many others have similar problems.

The simple answer is - use your tongue - TALK TO HER!

Does she want you 'down there' at all?

Does she enjoy being touched and if so, where?

Does she enjoy self masturbation?  Some ladies just cannot bring themselves to have oral sex at all, either giving or receiving. Respect her.

Have you asked her how she likes it? Ask for directions!

Does she have any "turn offs"?  See "Cunnilingus Don'ts"!

What responses were you expecting?  Every woman's response is different. (See "Cunnilingus Responses") If you go down with high expectations, then you are highly likely to be disappointed.  

Cunnilingus is NOT fore-play - there needs to be a lot of play before you go down.  An earlier post, "Cunnilingus 101", covered a lot of basics around techniques.

There was a phrase used in old-fashioned marriage vows, "With my body I thee worship", that is worth revisiting.  Good "sex" is a 'whole of body and mind' experience by/for both partners.

Are you both enjoying yourselves?  Then enjoy the ride and be surprised at what might happen!

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