Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sabbatical Back-Sliding

So much for my sabbatical abstinence.  This 24/7 carer stuff is heavy going.  The doctor now tells us that the leg cast must be non-load bearing for 8 weeks (ie. 5 more), then a load-bearing cast for another 4 weeks, taking us to mid. January.  And my patient can’t manage crutches, so I am stuck as wheelchair pusher, bum wiper, cook, bottle-washer, etc, etc, etc.  So the opportunity to go out shopping is a relief. Last Friday, I had to go to the pharmacist for meds. and was told there would be a 30 minute wait, so I popped down to my “local” to have my own aches ministered to.

Now week days in suburban parlours is a bit hit-or-miss with respect to the quality of ladies available.  But this Friday lunch time was busy - three ladies in bookings and two available, including G who had been called in for an extra shift. Now G might not be poster-girl material and her escorting days might be past, but her winning smile, cheery attitude and lovely personality won me over.

Up in room #5, after the preliminaries, I formally introduced her to Thomas the Tongue Engine and her enthusiasm jumped up several notches. Before I knew it, she was on her back with legs splayed showing me her very large luscious lips and telling what she wanted me to do to her. Of course I was more than happy to oblige.  And what lips - major, major majora.

When she finally came down, she rolled me over and started to lavish her tongue on my tackle. But with my continued digital attention, we never got past the cover-all to CBJ - she was too anxious to feel me inside herself (“Never mind the length, feel the thickness”).

The main course was very enthusiastic, cowgirl, reverse, arched back, squatting, grinding, maximizing stimulation of her clit at every opportunity to at least one more orgasm (hers) before mine.

G is a talker - sexy talk - and lets you know in no uncertain terms what she is going do to you and what she wants.  She is certainly a personality that hit it off with me and an hour on my next visit would be awesome.

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