Saturday, 23 April 2022

Having Her way with Me

I just met this Yummy Mummy a week ago and during our pillow talk she mentioned that her one kink was being blindfolded and tied up. So during the week, I went out and bought a red satin blindfold and some long red satin sashes.

A week later I got to see her again in the late afternoon. I showed her my present and suggested we could either tie her up or she could tie me up and have her way with me. She was surprised and enthused but didn't answer straight away. She stepped out for a couple of minutes so I got myself prepared, using one of the silk sashes to tie a big red bow around my 'crown jewels'.

When she came back in, I wished her "Happy Mmmmm-day" and she had a good laugh. She lay down with me for an introductory cuddle and deep French kissing. She still hadn't told me her preference, but then she reached around behind her, got the blindfold and placed it over my eyes. So this is her game. Now I'm not usually a submissive, but this could be interesting to have a sexy women using my body as her own sex toy to pleasure herself in whichever way and for as long as she wants. The ribbon is taken off the 'crown jewels' and my hands are tied above my head.

It is so true that when one of your senses is removed, your other senses all become heightened. I feel her move and apparently turn away. I hear a rustle  - "What is she up to?". Her face is close to mine, I can hear her breath. Her lips touch mine and I open mine to kiss, then she opens her mouth and spills cold water into mine (she apparently had turned to take a drink). Suddenly there is hot breath on my neck, then a wet tongue flicks my ear. Her long hair drapes over my face and chest, the hot lips suck my nipple, then teeth give it a bite. She moves up my body, reaching over me to hold my restrained wrist down and I am suddenly aware of her nipple being pressed into my mouth. I cease the opportunity to lick and suck and nibble, then I am able to kiss my way across her cleavage to engulf her other nipple.

Then they are withdrawn and I feel her breasts sliding down my body, slowing a little as as our nipples caress each other. Then she continues across my abdomen, then engulfs my shaft then down till they caress my ball sack. As they leave me, I jerk as I feel hot breath then her wet tongue sliding across, licking and twirling on my shaft. I flinch and thrust up a bit to meet her, but her arms are holding my legs down.

She slides back up my body in a full body slide. Our lips meet and swirl in passionate deep French kissing, just as her vulva slides across my shaft. Her hips and pelvis move up and down and she rubs her clit against me. Our kissing becomes more passionate as her hips work round and round and backward and forward on my cock. She presses her body hard on me till her labia spread over my shaft. OMG, this is so sensual. And she keeps working away on me and I can sense her ardour rising through our kissing.

Suddenly her weight lifts off my body. I feel her knees climbing along either side of my body. Then a different sensation touches my face. OMG! Her vulva presses to my lips. This is full on face sitting. Now I am no stranger to giving her the benefit of my Tongue Engine. But this is different. This is not something I'm doing to her, but rather something that she is doing to me for her pleasure.  I respond with my tongue and mouth, kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling. She pushes back, thrusting and twirling against my mouth and tongue. This is REAL French Kissing!

"Facesitting", Heinrich Lossow (1840—1897)
from ""

After a good five minutes, with her arousal rising, she lifts off my face and moves back down my body. There is a pause and I feel her leaning over to one side. Then there is a cool feeling on my cock and I realize she is rubbing lube on me, then her vulva sits on me again. She is sliding up and down me, from rubbing her clit against my glans, hard, then she slides down till my glans slides across her vag. opening and slides between her labia minora. She works me backward and forward, increasing the pressure and speed, then a little round and round and side to side.

Now YM is normally prolifically semi-orgasmic, with many twitches, jerks and moaning. I can sense her arousal increasing as she switches back and forth between face sitting and cock sitting. She is on my face with my tongue going from shallow tongue fucking to clit licking and sucking. 

Her twitching and shaking is growing. She calls, "Oh My God, I'm coming". My arms are freed and despite my tied wrists I am able to bring my arms up over our bodies and pull her harder against me. Suddenly she has a massive orgasm with her whole body jerking and spasming. It seems to continue for ages, but probably only 30 seconds. They finally subside and she takes some deep breaths, then suddenly a massive after-shock hits. She subsides for another minute, then another after-shock.  She must have  8 or 10 after-shocks, slowly becoming less frequent, till she collapses against me breathless and covered in perspiration.

YM rolls off me, unties my wrists and removes my mask so we can cuddle into each other. After a couple of minutes rest, she reaches around to fetch something else, then I find her lubing herself and applying a condom to me. My erection is not particularly hard, but we manage a little shallow fucking. But my glans is a little sore from all her rubbing against me. So with a failing erection and with both of us still almost breathless, we roll apart for cuddles and pillow talk for our remaining few minutes. She confides in me that although she enjoys her sex work and usual arousal, it has been quite some time since she has a 'real' orgasm like this one.

I wouldn't call our time a dom-sub encounter, but I would highly recommend it. OMFG, I enjoyed myself greatly, despite being orgasm-less myself. It was enjoyable AND fun. I hope she comes again soon! Mmmm!


  1. A change in pace and role often does wonders. It's always great when a good time is had by all.
    There's something extra sensual about using red satin ties.

  2. I agree - i feel very vulnerable when i am blindfolded - like something vital has been taken from me
    May x

  3. I don't believe playing with kinks means you subbed to her, mutual pleasure with bondage and blindfolds can be just that. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, being tied up and deprived of my senses while being used for Sir's pleasure is a favourite of mine.


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