Monday, 8 August 2016

How Long is Enough?

No, I don't mean linear measure – my ladies and I are quite satisfied with my very average 15cm - rather, I mean elapsed time. Besides, 2cm of tongue seems to elicit more pleasure.
My question arises from age related changes. In 'normal' sexual relations, the length of time involved is essentially always determined by the male's time to ejaculation. In my earliest experience, with premature ejaculation issues, 2 minutes was about my mean. I have read research that suggests the average length of copulation is 5-7 minutes.
But for we senior citizens (I'm just a year away from my 'soixante neuf' year), with ED (pharmacological assistance required) and prostate issues, ejaculation at all is rare. So without ejaculation, how/when does an encounter end?
Now I admit that my personal situation limits my sexual 'relations' to financially constrained time limits. Some ladies seem to impose their own personal limit of around 10 minutes before the “Have you come yet?” question. Most are quite unfamiliar with men that don't cum, and feel professionally inadequate that they have not been able to 'satisfy' their client to 'completion'. And of course they have to 'keep' themselves ready for other clients during the day/night. And as a profession as a whole, they are not there for their own satisfaction – although I am blessed to have a few very special regular ladies that I see that tend toward the 'nympho' end of the market.
So between kissing and cuddling, two way oral and a variety of positions, we generally last 45-60 minutes before we have 'had enough', although it's generally my call. Further, I have very sensitive skin, so friction 'burn' is also a factor, irrespective of lubricant, or condom or not. Thank God for tongues.
So fair readers, back to my question, “How long is enough?” I would be very interested to hear your comments and of your 'measure'.

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