Saturday 8 August 2015

The Pole Dancer

Well Melbourne, Oz has just seen its coldest July for 30+ years. I was in real need of thawing out with some indoor games with a favourite hottie. So a quick phone call arranged a time to 'get together' with Vxxx and a little blue pill got my engine warmed up.

Now Vxxx is by her own admission, a bit of a nympho, having enjoying multiple vaginal orgasms from her first sexual escapades. So from her passionate welcoming kisses I was defrosted in an instant. We retire to bed for more kissing and cuddling. She tells me she hasn't been particularly naughty, so its time she received a tongue lashing.

With one orgasm down, I come up for breath, when she rolls me onto my back and swings around to ply my sensitive bits with her hot wet mouth. At the same time she swings a leg over, pushing her cunt into my face, demanding to be licked again.

Having surreptitiously applied the obligatory covering and got us both very wet, she swings around again into her favourite position, and impales herself on my pole. She tells me there is nothing she likes more than being filled be a thick cock. She seems to go off into a world of her own, riding me, using me to her own pleasure. I can feel her tension building up. She lifts up till only my knob is being working in her most sensitive parts. She stiffens, gasps and shudders in orgasm, then sinks back onto me, engulfing my full length, exhaling a satisfied sigh. She is back in my world and leans forward for a kiss.

But her orgasms are not of that all consuming, satisfying, exhausting type. Like Oliver, she wants, nay needs, "more"! So she resumes her dance on my pole for a couple of minutes to take another orgasm. Five more minutes and she takes another. I don't really have to do a thing. I'm enjoying the feelings, the view, the sounds. I thrust back on her down strokes, crashing our pelvises together, for maximum penetration.

She needs a little rest and returns to pleasuring me. The Tongue Engine returns the favour. But before long, her desire is rising again. "I need to dance on your pole again" she tells me. So she goes off into her world of ecstasy again for a couple more orgasms.

As she is tiring, I flip her over and go down to lave her luscious labia with my tongue and to lap her free flowing linctus. I come up for another passionate kiss, then flip her over again and enter her doggie style. Its my turn now and as my ardour rises and my cock thickens and stiffens even more inside her, she pushes back and squeezes me, sucking me deeper into her. We look at each other in the mirror as my cock starts twitching and pumping my life-force deep up inside her, we smile "That Smile".

We finally collapse, exhausted and totally fucked, cuddling into each other and continuing our passionate kissing.

God, do I really have to go back out into the cold? Thanks Vxxx, you really know how to warm the cockles of a man's heart, not to mention his other bits. You are awesome!

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