Friday, 17 October 2014


I mentioned in "I Lust, Therefore I Am" that I had got the all clear from my prostate biopsy. Well that was quite a roller-coaster ride there for a while, worth celebrating at the end.

I like to keep an eye on my health, so almost 15 years ago, I started getting annual PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) screening blood tests done. My PSA levels have slowly been creeping up that whole time until early this year they passed the standard upper limit for normal range. My DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) indicated enlargement but no lumps. Urinary continence symptoms also indicated that it was time to get checked for Prostate Cancer with a biopsy. Even though elevated PSA levels indicate cancer in only about 30% of cases, the "C" word still gives the shivers. And prostatectomy is notorious for ill side effects - about 60% have continence issues and over 30% have erectile and nerve issues. OMG, the very thought of never having an erection again or sexual feeling in my organ is - well, disturbing, depressing, disastrous. Thank goodness my tongue is still in good working order.

Anyway, on to the biopsy. The worst part was the waiting. Afterwards there was no pain, just slight discomfort no different than butt-plug play. The pre-op notes mentioned that there could be some blood in the urine and ejaculate afterwards. OMG.  I'm sure my daughter would say "You're a wimp dad. Women bleed every month". Oh well, at least that flushed out within 2 days. But how does one "flush out" bloody ejaculate from the prostate? Well it had to be DIY, but at my age, once a week is about my limit, so it took over 3 weeks to clear.  So much for seeing my favourite Lady Of Pleasure for a celebration the afternoon after, should I get the all clear from the doctor at the follow-up meeting 1 week after the biopsy.

But the time did arrive.  I was clear, an opportunity for an evening out to myself arose, I was loaded with Viagra and ready to party. (Thank goodness that Viagra is now off patent restriction and the price has dropped from $18 to $4 per 100mg pill. Whoopy!!). It had been 2 months since I last saw my favourite Lady Of Pleasure, "Special K", and I was looking forward to a great celebration (God, how did I ever get by on 2 years "between drinks"?). I have written before about "Munching on Special K" and "DFF - Deep French Fucking" so I don't need to repeat myself, except to say that she was as pleased to see me as I was to see her and a most satisfying playtime celebration was had.

I had mentally made a "Plan B" of visiting a second LOP should my first attempt at post-biopsy celebration not go as well as hoped. But I needn't have worried. "K" was as accommodating, passionate, enthusiastic, horny and orgasmic as ever - I wonder what she was celebrating?

So I celebrate "Many happy returns"...

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