Thursday 7 February 2013

The End of The World - Almost

T'was the Friday before Christmas and all the stars had aligned.  If the ancient Mayan's were to be believed, then the 21st Dec, 2012, being the final day of their "perpetual" calendar, was the day of "The End of The World".  

Now I had just lost my job and the economic situation was looking grim for anything else in the foreseeable future, the family situation was also getting hectic and Mrs. Thomas was being as obnoxious as ever.  I had an invitation to meet with some ex-colleagues for Christmas drinks, so I had an excuse to escape from home for a few hours.  Not knowing when I would again have the readies (cash or time) for another opportunity (if in fact Saturday did arrive), I thought "If tonight is The End of the World, then I'm going to go out with a BANG!"

I rang ahead to my favourite bordello, but was disappointed to find that "Special K" was already booked (I had a tight timetable and couldn't wait).  I found that Miss A was available and booked her for an hour.  Now whilst Miss A is very, very nice, she is also rather "naughty" so I only see her if I'm particularly desperate, and so if tonight was to be the night to end all nights, then, what the fuck, I've got nothing to loose.

Miss A is a short, middle-aged Chinese lady and despite her strong accented English, we have had a lot of laughs together.  Last time I saw her, she had just had hot chilli noodles for lunch, which put a completely new angle on a "hot blow job".  After some very hot, tasty kissing, I went down on her and gave her a little bit in return.

So back to Friday the 21st.  We quickly get reacquainted and after some preliminary body exploration and lots of passionate kissing, I give Miss A the Thomas-the-Tongue-Engine special.  After a couple of body shuddering orgasms, I come up for a cuddle.  

I have already mentioned that Miss A is quite short, and whilst we cuddle side-by-side, she is the perfect height for my knob to nestle into her cleft.  Being the horny, nymphomaniac that she is, with a little wriggle, she has her lady-bits wrapped around my tip, pleasuring herself.

In no time, she has rolled over on top of me and fully impaled herself on me. Now regular followers of this blog will know that 'normally', old Tom doesn't easily come if at all (an age thing), but with Miss A I have the opposite problem, because I know I would have almost zero chance of a second shot.  So I have to get Miss A to slow down and pause every now and again to allow my sensitivity to die down.  After 5-10 minutes of control, my sensitivity has backed off sufficiently for Miss A to take me through her extensive repertoire of moves.  What sensations - what a sight.

With less than 10 minutes left, I feel the heat rising in my shaft and warn Miss A. In a flash she is off me and wraps her mouth around me.  Now as other reviewers agree, Miss A does a vacuum-cleaner like blowjob, and tonight is no exception. We both collapse back onto the bed, exhausted and have a chat and a laugh or two.

But all good time have to come to and end (even if the calendar didn't) and I head off to Christmas drinks.

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