Wednesday 5 December 2012

Munching on “Special K”

Firstly, let me apologise for the dearth of posts in recent months – “life” tends to get in the way of pleasure and posting.  First there was job (and income) loss, then starting a new job with all sorts of restrictions and calls on my time.  Then there were/are family issues ongoing, so very little ‘private’ time at home.  Then my regular day-time parlour shut down for renovations (firstly for a month that ran to 7 weeks), then my best regular at my after-work parlour switched to inconvenient shifts – on two visits, I left since she wasn’t available and went to an ‘Asian’ parlour – bad move – almost ‘star-fish’ (non) service.

But on the ‘plus’ side, this blog has passed the 10,000 visits mark – thank you all and a very big ‘thank you’ to [e-Lust] which has given this blog a much wider audience.  But where are your comments?  As nice as it is to watch the ‘hit counter’ I would really like to hear from some of you. 

And on the super-PLUS side, I met ‘Special K’ (sounds like a breakfast cereal, mind you, I wouldn’t mind eating her for breakfast every morning) on my first visit back to my super-renovated day-time parlour.  There were three ladies available in the introductions, with K being the third, and from the moment of the introduction, I just knew we would hit it off.

Up in the room, my choice is vindicated.  K is one of the most passionate, sexy, horny ladies I have met.  She is a 40+ something MILF, blond, well endowed, with a trim, taut, terrific body.  We are straight into some very passionate DFK.  As I nibble her ear-lobe and nuzzle her neck, she responds immediately.  We fall back onto the bed where she wraps herself around me with increasingly passionate kissing and proceeds to rub her clit against my man-hood.

I manage to extricate my lips from hers and move my attention to her prominent nipples to which she responds by pushing them up to me for fuller attention.  I manage to kiss my way down her body to her honey-pot.  Her lips are already moist and swelling from her previous rubbing and she meets the “Tongue Engine’s” ministrations with eager thrusting and grinding.

After more than 5 minutes of delicious ‘munching’ (that spanned the breadth of my “Cunnilingus 101” curriculum) and quivering responses, I give her sensitive girly bits a rest and come up for a cuddle and more passionate kissing.  And what a kisser - in all of my dissolute life (which I must admit is only the last 5 of my 60+ years), I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed such a wild, passionate kisser.  I have written about the “dry rut” as an alternative to penetrative sex, but for “special K”, this is just foreplay - it really is all about her maximizing stimulation of her clit.

But then she swings around to give me some oral attention.  But even this is as much for her sake - having applied lots of saliva, she slides up and across me, sliding her hot, wet labia across me.  The sight is a total ‘turn-on’ watching ‘little Tom’ slide through her 'camel toe’.  Then she reverses position to ‘reverse cowgirl’ to get increased clitoral stimulation, until she achieves her first orgasm.  Wow, what a ride.

Then its back to some oral, whence she surreptitiously slips on a rubber, then its back round to some more “pussy slide” with growing intensity, until we just “slide together”.

As if all this foreplay hadn’t been hot enough, she now goes stratospheric.  Her grinding and swirling and thrusting is feverish, but still about stimulating her clit, till she falls across my chest, convulsing in orgasm again and thanks me again with her glorious kisses.  Then she sits up again, continuing to work her wonders, until I come too in very short time.  I don’t know what brand of rubber she used, but it felt a good as ‘au naturale’.

We collapse in a breathless, perspiring, heaving heap, with smiles like Cheshire cats.  Almost simultaneously, we breath “Wow!”.

In the minute or two left before the dreaded “buzzer”, we get to know each other a bit as we head to the shower.  There is a quick pash and a squeeze of the bum as I head out into the harsh daylight and go back to the humdrum of work.

Wow!  I must munch on “special K” for lunch again very soon.


  1. I had to smile at this post because I once had a lover I called Special K. And no - it was nothing to do with a breakfast cereal :-)

    Great post by the way. I love an insight into parlour life.

  2. And the post is tagged 'french' as if, duh, it should be obvious, of course she is French..

  3. Thanks for the 'heads up' SLI. I'm not sure how simply "French" got into my Tags list. I only intended "French-Maid" and "French Kiss" - perhaps Google/Blogger was trying to be a little too helpful, or more likely a little finger trouble. My fingers do seems to get me into "hot spots" at times!


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