Tuesday, 12 June 2012

4 O'Clock in the Morning

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and I wake with the most wonderful hard-on.  

Its not the “aching to get my rocks off” sort of hard-on.  Rather, I am so warm and comfortable and totally relaxed.  It was just 2 evenings ago that I had an awesome time with “amazing Grace with the luscious labia”!  I am still floating on air and basking in the after-glow.  I read that for men over 60, Viagra is excreted much more slowly, with double the “half-life” of a 40 year-old.  Perhaps that’s helping this morning.

I tingle as my finger-tips caress the silky skin of my shaft, just as Grace did.  As I circle the rim of my glans it is just as Grace pleasured her labia and clit with my tip.  I am in total bliss, dreaming and replaying our time together.

I must have drifted off to sleep for a few minutes, because I wake again with a bit of a droop, but as I zone back into “that night”, my hardness is throbbing in no time.  I remember how Grace collapsed across my chest, having come for the umpteenth time, totally relaxed, holding my thickness inside her.  She said she wished she could take “it” home as her personal “toy”.

I can feel her sex engulfing me again. I am ready for more now, so I reach into me bedside drawers for a rubber and roll it on.  My hand and Grace’s pussy merge into one, round and round, up and down, till we come together in a glorious release.  I flop back, totally relaxed and warm in my cocoon.

I think Grace must be awake in her bed this morning as well.  She enjoys pleasuring herself of a morning.  I think we must be “channeling” each other today to our mutual pleasure.

I drift off again, till I am startled awake with the alarm.  Its time to get ready for work and get Lady Thomas up and dressed and settled for the day - thank goodness we don’t share the same bed anymore.

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