Thursday 29 March 2012

The "Dry Rut/Root". Nonsex?

Do you remember the dim distant past of your callow youth, of those fumbling first sexual encounters? Do you remember carefully avoiding penetration, of rubbing yourself across the girls pubes (we didn't know about clitorises back then), then finally leaving your gift of sticky, creamy linctus on her stomach?  You could then claim that "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" (technically) and she could claim that "I am still a virgin!" (technically). In Australia, this was colloquially known as a "Dry root".

It was a recent encounter with V1, one of my very favourite Ladies of Pleasure, that brought this back to mind.  When I first met V1 about 2 years ago, she was quite concerned about my "girth" so I told her the story about the fairy that could dance on the head of a pin and I taught her to "dance".

We have moved on significantly since then and our service provider/client roles have virtually disappeared.  Our times together are almost both completely selfish and selfless as we use each other for our mutual pleasures.

V1 is a tall, slim, small busted lady, but what she lacks in volume simply exposes her very prominent, very sensitive nipples.  From the moment of our first kiss, it is like electricity shooting through her body straight to her clitoris.  Nibbling her ear lobes or warm breath on the nape of her neck has her quivering.  As for kissing her nipples, it is almost as if she has two extra clitorises all wired together.  Moving down to dine at The "Y", the merest breath on her clit brings her to the edge of her first orgasm.

Several very wet, loud orgasms later when I come up for breath, she rolls me over and proceeds to straddle me, rubbing her clit hard against me (thus the trigger thought for the title of this post).  She just can't get enough clitoral stimulation.

She writhes, squirms and "dances", stiffens in orgasm, falls onto me in deep, passionate French kissing, then as her shudders subsides, she sits up and recommences her rubbing.  I must say with V1, that it is far from "dry"!

We will take a short break at this point (to get our breath back) and explain that there are two approaches to the "dry root/rut".  The basic method is facing each other with either on top with your member up between yourselves so that she rubs her clit along the back side.  The second approach is probably best with you on top pulling yourself well up over her body so that your member is pushed right back and down across her clit and across the folds of her vulva just avoiding penetration so that her clit rubs across your top side.

(rather wet "dry ruts" - reblogged from gifporntube)
Now back to the main course. Our "relationship" I guess has developed like this since I no longer come easily and my use of Viagra ensures a good hard prolonged erection ("a hard man is good to find!"), so there is no pressure on her to make me come (or not make me come) and she can abandon herself to her own pleasures.

When the buzzer finally goes off, I find we having been going constantly for almost an hour - awesome.  V1 is glowing with that orgasmic sheen of perspiration.  We share a glass of iced water and head off to the shower.  V1 can't help herself and takes advantage of one last embrace and rub before we towel off.

PS. Just a WARNING that non-penetrative "dry rutting" is NOT a reliable method of contraception.

PPS. Under Victorian (Australia) prostitution law, where any form of sexual "penetration" is required to be "protected", I don't think I would be wanting to try and argue that a "dry rut" is "non-penetrative" in a court of law!


  1. PMSL at ("a hard man is good to find!"), too bloody right. He doesn't live at my house, that's for sure.

    1. Leah,
      So sorry to hear you don't have a "hard time" at your house. I have been known to do house calls (read "Client or Buddy?"), but its an awful long swim.
      BTW, "PMSL" had me stumped for a bit, then I finally twigged - its a bit of a female expression down here.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi N,
      Sorry my background is not clear with a one-off post reading. "The Cunning Linctus" is about "punting" experiences, that is "paid" sex. The "buzzer" alerts the end of the booking.
      Perhaps read an earlier post like "The Question" (To punt or not to punt, that is The Question) for an understanding of where I am coming from.


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