Monday, 10 December 2018

Knight Attire

This post was inspired by a recent Kink of the Week’ prompt about ‘Men In Panties’. Whilst I am not personally into ‘kink’ per se, ‘ladies’ knickers per se, 'dick pics’ or selfies either, I thought the following analysis might be insightful.
As my male readers will know, men’s underwear manufacturers on the whole, don’t cater well for sensual gentlemen. 30-40 years ago, we had ‘Jockettes’ and like, but they seem to have disappeared off the market. Browsing the average High Street men’s wear store finds the average offering, which is fine if you are a tradie and need absorbent material and protection of your sensitive parts from rough overalls.

But sensuous and sexy they are not.
Thus I turned to the ladies section to try and find something more “comfortable” for those more intimate moments. Specifically I was looking for something with a ‘silky’ touch, shear without lace or frills. I also like high-cut g-string for for exposed butt cheeks.  But whilst I like a snug fit, I found many styles just too tight. The following are my current wardrobe:-

In more recent years, we have seen the rise of ‘sex’ shops with a wide range of sexy lady’s lingerie and men’s underwear. Whilst their emphasis seems to be on the ‘posing pouch’ style, some searching found some styles that I liked - specifically they have either a couple of darts sewn in the material to give the front more room. Alternatively, there is the multi-piece design which gives a shaped pouch.
For touch, the red pair are my favourite, but the multi-coloured pair have a special place in my heart. A very special Lady Of Pleasure (LOP) has always admired and loved the touch of some of my attire, and oh could she touch. On a recent holiday OS to visit family, she returned with a present for me - the multi-coloured pair.
Apart from LOP visits, my Knight Attire serve as my ‘pyjamas’, especially since Lady Thomas no longer shares the bedroom, they offer some comfort on those lonely nights.
A special thanks is due to Mr Pfizer for assistance in modelling the apparel to maximum effect.


Not bad for a 70 year old, 12 months post prostate cancer radiotherapy.


Lingerie is for everyone

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