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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lucky Tom Dedicates His Song

"To all the girls I've loved beforeWho travelled in and out my doorI'm glad they came alongI dedicate this songTo all the girls I've loved before."

My local bordello has a weekly Lucky Door Prize raffle draw and this week my number came up - first prize a free session with the lady of my choice.  It was only the previous Monday that I had seen my current regular, G, and here it was just 7 days later, I was having an awesome time with G again.  I got thinking about my "luck" and the great times I have with G, then of all the other great times with all my other great ladies, that made me think of the above song - thanks Willie Nelson for expressing so beautifully, my gratitude.

Sadly, it wasn't always so.  It wasn't until my late 50's that I came to my senses.  I was getting quite depressed, but it was a lady at work that opened my mind.  She was a single mother, coping with a teenage son, she had managed the construction of her own house - a real "go getter".  I learned from her that one has to take responsibility for your own happiness.  Sure, there were reasons for my wife's zero libido - abusive father, injury, illness, medication, etc.  But whether I let life's misfortune make me unhappy, or whether I made my own happiness, was my choice.  As the old saying goes, "When life dishes up lemons, make lemonade".

And so it was that I took the plunge with the oldest professional help.  There was a lot of misapprehension and soul searching, having all the misinformed view of prostitution promulgated by the do-gooder press.  I was so lucky with my first Lady Of Pleasure - I could not have met a nicer lady that put all my misconceptions to rest.

And the rest is history, so to say.  I have had good times, great times and some awesome times - "so this is what marriage was supposed to have been like?".  My ladies have taught me a lot.  The greatest driver of great sex is what goes on between the ears.  Its about R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  Its about compatible senses of humour.  Its about unselfishness, of wanting to please/pleasure each other.  With ongoing times together comes communication and trust.

So here is to G (Amazing with the luscious labia to dream of), D ("The Body" builder with an occasional bad habit and my first GILF), V ("11"), C (the Maltese terrier), A (too much of a nympho for my own good),  T/M (booty buddy), C1 (the Wicked Wench - wild, but once was enough) and K (Special Krazy).  And to all the others - thank you.


OMG  The news of the Boston bombing just flashed across my screen!  When will the world ever learn to "make love, not war"!

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