Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cunning Conversations - Use It or Lose It

I first saw D almost 5 years ago (see Maid In Morocco) and I was a regular for a couple of years until she moved out west, so I see her only occasionally now (yes, this is the 'D' of the afore-mentioned "Bad Habits").

On my last catch-up, she was telling me about her latest alternative work venture - getting her Heavy Truck Driver's Licence!  In some ways it's hard to imagine this beautiful, trim, taut MILF driving a 10 tonne truck, but having known her a little, I'm not surprised.

Right through a number of second-jobs, has been her constant work as a "Lady Of Pleasure".  I asked her if the truck driving meant I wouldn't be seeing her any more.  Her reply was, "It's a case of Use It or Lose It, and I don't intent to lose IT!"

I guess for a single mum of teenage kids, not wanting another man/relationship in her life, this line of work both supports her financially, and she also gets to keep her own sexual desires satisfied (at least with her 'best' clients - there are always the occasional dud roots).  Thank goodness for the legalised status of the profession in Australia that allows ladies to choose this career safely and without coercion. (And thank goodness for we gents who delight in their company).

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