Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Masked Offender Punished


The 'Blindfolds  and Masks' theme reminded me of a memorable sexual encounter back in 2013. Then as I started to think about sensual deprivation, I thought of my post 'The Five Senses of Sex'. What happens when one is deprived of one of our five senses?

The LOP in question back in 2013, had an unique play style of teasing a gent, then punishing him for perceived infractions, such as looking up her skirt as she climbed the steep stairs.

My 'punishment' was to be thrown onto the bed, have my arms tied to the bed-head with her stockings and her used knickers placed over my face as a blindfold. She then proceeded to have her way with me.

Of our five senses, sight is probably the strongest. When our sight is taken, all our other senses go on high alert. 

I was immediately aware of the heady aroma of the scent of a woman in her knickers. There is a rustling sound and sense of movement as she climbs onto the bed. My body flinches at the ever so light touch of her fingers caressing up my body. What's this? The touch of fingers is replaced by the warm, moist lick of her tongue on my nipples. I feel the warm softness as her breasts slide up my chest. Her lips and tongue are nibbling my ear now. I can hear and feel the warmth of her breath. She whispers in my ear, 'Do you like it like this?'.

Her body lifts off me and I feel a leg come over mine. Her legs are now straddling my thighs. My heart is pumping harder with the anticipation. She is teasing me, and building up the anticipation for us both. I flinch as I feel a wet warm touch on the tip of my cock. The warmth slowly slides down the back of my shaft. I feel her labia lips spread as she sits on me now with the warmth of the full length of her 'camel toe'. She slowly starts to slide up and down my shaft. I hear little whimpers escape her lips. I feel the knob of her clit as she slides it up and down me, pleasuring herself. Her pace and breathing speeds up. She is quite wet and slick now. As she slides higher, the tip of my glans caresses her inner lips. She lifts slightly, deferring entry, and slides her clit down over me again.

Her pace is building now and she leans forward and pinches my nipples. Her teasing seems to be replaced by an urgency. Her sliding grows faster and wetter, until with the tip of my glans at the gates of heaven, she ever so slightly lifts and slide onto me to the hilt.

And so her way was had. My mask is removed and our hot perspiring bodies cuddle up for a long, deep kiss. My arms are released to encircle her and we relax in the afterglow as our heartbeats subside and breath slowly returns to normal.

As I said at the start, definitely a unique experience, still memorable 7 years later.



  1. Oh wow. I loved reading this and thank you so much for linking it to Tell Me About. I found it really interesting to hear about how this feels from a male point of view. Using knickers like that must really have added to your headspace initially and your sensory description of what it felt like really took me into your experience. Great post. Missy x


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