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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Having Sex With Stangers - NOT!!!

I have heard and read people put down seeing prostitutes as “having sex with strangers”.  For those of us who have chosen this (sexual) life style, that ain’t necessarily so (though I guess there are some that never see the same lady twice).

One of the advantages of punter forums is having some idea of what a lady will be like before you meet her in the flesh.  Then there is the “introduction”, and again from what I have learned from forums plus personal experience, I believe I have grown a lot in judging how I will get on with a lady just from the introduction - its important to ask the right questions and to not be led purely by looks and the little head between your legs.  Mind you, the “introduction” varies greatly between parlours, from the ‘parade’ perhaps with numbers (the worst), to non-English speaking Asian ladies poking their head through the door with a simple “Hello, I’m xxxx”, to the private intro. room where questions can be asked (and very occasionally am encouraging grope).

Of the 15 ladies I have seen this year, I have seen 6 more than once.  I feel I am changing.  I went through a phase of resentment (about my wife and home situation) and set out to visit multiple ladies and parlours.  But I find myself settling down now and enjoying a small number of regulars.

What makes a regular enjoyable is “clicking” personalities, good conversation, a sense of humour, plus good sex.  It means we can relax, let go and mutually enjoy our time together.

I now have around six regulars at my favourite parlour, so on some days I have to toss to decide who I should see, or check my diary to see who I haven’t visited for the longest time.  Mind you, if I only see my ladies once in three months, are they still ‘regulars’?

Of course, all Working Ladies have their own individual traits and “protocol” about how their bookings progress.  Some have their ‘standard’ conversation pieces. One or two (eg. the “Wicked Wench”) play the ‘slut’/’porn-star’ role.  I remember M, one of my early regulars, aimed to make her clients feel that they were “making love” with her.  

A current regular, ‘A’, has a fun-filled ‘game-plan’ of pretend infractions that require ‘punishment’ - this starts with ‘stumbling’ on the stairs so you ‘bump’ into her arse or get a flash of her black silky knickers.  Watching her undress from the shower earns a further ‘punishment’.  My ‘punishments’ have included having my hands tied to the bed-posts with her stockings and her knickers draped over my face as a blind-fold, whilst she has her way with me.  Its not BDSM at all, just play.

Great Sex that is fun and play-full is just the best!!!

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