Sunday, 19 September 2021

Yum! Cum!

This is a rework of the post "Booty Buddies?" from Sept. 2011.

I first met Meg when she was working as a 'lady of pleasure' at a Melbourne brothel and we hit it off immediately. When she left the industry, she asked if I would like to continue seeing her privately.

On this occasion, I told work I had a medical appointment (I had a dreadful ache that could only be resolved one way) and left at lunchtime and drove down to Meg's beach-side home for some afternoon delight.

After a warm welcome, we slip into her big old bed with big fluffy pillows and eider-down and enfold each other in each-others arms with more deep passionate kisses. I tell her how honoured I am to be  asked to come into her private home and to share her private bed. This simply elicits another big kiss and cuddle. There is lots of caressing and I kiss her neck, nibbling her ears and kiss down to her breasts, gently easing aside her bra. With one arm around her I mange the one-handed unclipping for which she congratulates me. I now have full access to her glorious 38DDs and my kissing quickly has her pert nipples rosy pink, hard and erect.

Our hands are all over each-other now, breasts, backs, thighs, legs, privates.  She spreads her legs for me as I ease her nickers off. She is very wet under my exploring fingers. I kiss my way down to her clit.  I work my way down the bed till I have full access to her love petals.  As I lick and nibble, her love lips swell and are opening and my face is getting wet from her juices. Within 5 minutes she is arching her back and stiffening as a series of orgasms sweep through her body.

I pull away since she is very sensitive now. Her hands slide into the band of my jock strap and I assist her to slide them off. With her immediate appetite sated for the moment, I kiss my way up her body. Just as I reach her mouth to kiss her once more, OMG, we just slip together - no conscious effort, no fumbling, not planned (at this time) nor expected. I freeze - WTF - no condom.  What do I do? What do I say? Do I apologize?  I wasn't ready for fucking just yet. But, God it felt good.

As I ease out, I asked if she would like a massage. I reach for the massage oil on the bedside table and proceed to give her my best, most sensual, all-over, front and back, massage.

Finally, with Meg totally relaxed and me a little worn, we lie side-by-side, cuddling and totally relaxed.  

After 5 minutes or so, Meg pulls me to her and whispers, "Come here" and pulls me over on top of her. As we kiss, she spreads her legs again and as I slide between them, we just slip into full coupling again. This is not accidental any more.

God, she is so hot and wet and horny. It must have been 4 months since she had had any man. I knew that she had had her last monthly STI test back then, and I had had a clear test around the same time. I had been "snipped" some 30 years ago so I knew "au naturalle" was quite safe for us at this time. Meg had always followed the "safe sex" protocol at "work", so goodness knows how long it had been for her since she had gone bare-back - it had probably been 5-10 years for me. God it felt good.

This was no longer a "client service", nor sex for fun, nor just because it feels great. This was a deep down primordial "need" to be loved, to be wanted, to be needed, to be joined in flesh and spirit. Despite the passion of our ensuing fucking, I pace myself as much as I can. When covered, I don't come easily these days, but now in the raw, the sensation is awesome. I can feel ever ridge in her pussy and the slightest squeeze, twist and turn. And I know that Meg can feel every twitch of my cock. It is hardening even more and swelling now, so I ask her, "How would you like me to come?"

But today is different - she has a special need. "I want to feel your cum pumping deep up inside me" she replies. "Only on one condition" I respond, "That I can lick you out". No words are needed to answer me, as she wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me as deep as possible into her, lifting her hips to thrust against me, twisting and writhing against my pelvis. Her arms wrap around my neck and pull me into wild passionate kissing. We fuck with wild abandon with her body convulsing in orgasm under me, till my body stiffens and my hips involuntarily thrust my cock as deep as possible into her hot cunt, pumping, pumping, pumping my creamy cum, deep, deep, deep up inside her.

As I slowly subside from my orgasm, Meg squeezes my still semi-hard cock (thank you Viagra), holding it tightly inside her as her own spasms continue. Finally we collapse. I have a smile on my face as broad as a Cheshire cat's, and I kiss Meg again, gently. I kiss my way down her body to her sopping wet, red hot cunt. My cum juices are just starting to trickle out. Now I don't normally have a taste for (male) cum, but the mixture of my cum and her pussy juices has a heady aroma and our well stirred cream-pie tastes yummy. 

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As a child, my mother always admonished me when I licked my dinner plate, but a gentleman should always cleanup after himself, don't you think?

Meg calls me to "Come up here" and I offer her my cock for her to lick and suck our combined cum and pussy juices off it till it is completely licked clean. Meg has quite a taste for cum and I have enjoyed numerous, explosive blow-jobs from her in the past and she swallows every single drop. Then we kiss, 'snowballing' the yummy salty tasting cum between each other.

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We collapse onto the bed, entwined in each other arms. Our bodies glow with the post coital sheen of perspiration. I think we must have dropped off to sleep together for 5 minutes or more.

When we finally wake and get up to shower, Meg exclaims, "Look!  You've christened my sheets" - I feel honoured!

PS. Sadly, our 'Booty Buddy relationship' came to an end after almost 12 months, but even now 10 years later, I still have wonderful memories of those times.

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  1. Cleaning up your own juices is definitely super hot. Thank you for joining in with this topic



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