Sunday, 2 February 2020

ED Recovery

(plus Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
- Sunday is my day of rest)
Well its 3 months since I started my ED Rehab. and I thought it was time to report in.

Just reiterating the background, following radiotherapy for prostate cancer, my libido dropped to zero, erections, sensation, orgasms and ejaculation also zero, in spite of using Viagra. Before pursuing the Urologist's options of implants, I did some research and decide to try DIY non-invasive rehab.

The plan involves daily half dose (50mg) of Viagra, cock ring (to impede blood outflow from any erection), pornographic stimulation, masturbation once or twice a day, aiming for ejaculation as often as possible. All of this is backed up with 'male enhancement' supplements. The aim is with increased blood flow and nutrients to stimulate healing of the prostate, penile, vascular and nerve tissues.

Well after 3 months, I can report a modicum of success. Prostate tissue is functioning again at about half previous volume of ejaculate. Erections are improving, though not 'hard' yet. With 100mg Viagra, erections are just full enough that penetration might be possible. But the main issue is still the lack of sensitivity, especially with a condom. But masturbation to ejaculation causes loss of any erection (duh)!

On rereading one of the ED Rehab. reference articles, I noticed a mention of vacuum devices. Now I've been having sex for 50 years, but have never tried a penis pump before. Time to try this option too. At a cost about the same as a month's supply of Viagra, it seemed like an economic option. I wasn't sure how it would work with a little limp member to start with. But wow, as I start to pump, my cock is sucked in, centimeter by centimeter, as good as some of my buddies. As I continue to pump, my cock expands and stretches almost the full length of the tube. OMG, its as hard and aching like the first time I tried Viagra 10 years ago. 

At maximum suction my cock is stinging - now I understand the warning on the package that persons with certain conditions should not use the pump at danger of injury to the penis. When I release the vacuum and pull my cock out, it drops limp - well it might give an erection in a 'bottle' but doesn't provide a continuing usable erection for ED sufferers. I try again with a cock ring, but even that doesn't help retain an erection. Oh well. At least it gives some nice sensations. If I leave it on for 10 minutes at medium suction, it should at least provide some needed increase in blood flow for the healing process.

It is nice though to wake in the morning with some sense of warmth and fullness, but not 'morning wood' yet, but enough to encourage me to undertake another round of 'therapy'.

I think I've reached the point where it is time to take a test drive, to suck it and see, you might say. Its time to look up one of my understanding, accommodating Ladies Of Pleasure.

Stay tuned for the next report... 

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  1. It's fascinating to have this inside peek into real-life use of a penis pump. I've heard all the hype about what they can do, but this is definitely much more interesting. Thanks for sharing and for joining for Masturbation Monday!

  2. Best of luck moving forward. I hope your erections become firmer and more common.

    1. Thanks Michael.
      An update post will be out in 2 days.
      Its been a long haul (>6months) but getting to the 'usable' stage.
      Healing of nerves and sensation recovery is slower.


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