Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Goodbye Kiss

If there is one thing I have learned from my punting time, it is that open, sexual relationships, whether 'commercial', buddies, casual, poly-amorous or anything else, must be unselfish.  To be open enough to enter into a close intimate ‘relationship/friendship’ of this sort, we must be equally open enough to let each other move on when the time comes.

I have written about my relationship with T before in "Booty Buddies?".

During some of our pillow talks, she mentioned that she had started dating someone and I said that she just had to ‘say the word’ and I would step aside.

Well a couple of months passed where for various reasons we did not see each other.  Then I dropped in to her home just before Christmas with a hamper of goodies.  She welcomed me with a chaste kiss, and I knew instantly that my time had come.  We spent the rest of the afternoon sipping chai lates, sitting in recliners on her front porch overlooking her cottage garden and the sun slowly sinking over the bay.  We talked very opening about our relationship (she always said that we were a pair of survivors), the good times we had had.  We talked about her recent loss of her mother, her health issues, looking for a new career, the side effects of contraceptive implants, my own home life issues, and their future plans together.

As the sun touched the horizon, I collected my few belongings stashed in her bedroom.  She expressed the hope that the ‘girls’ back at the parlour would ‘look after me’.  We hugged farewell at my car and with a final peck on the cheek I drove home in the sunset.

Bon Voyage through the rest of your life T with your new man.
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