Thursday, 29 March 2012

The "Dry Rut/Root". Nonsex?

Do you remember the dim distant past of your callow youth, of those fumbling first sexual encounters?  Do you remember carefully avoiding penetration, of rubbing yourself across the girls pubes (we didn't know about clitorises back then), then finally leaving your gift of sticky, creamy linctus on her stomach?  You could then claim that "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" (technically) and she could claim that "I am still a virgin!" (technically).  In Australia, this was colloquially known as a "Dry root".

It was a recent encounter with V1, one of my very favourite Ladies of Pleasure, that brought this back to mind.  When I first met V1 about 2 years ago, she was quite concerned about my "girth" so I told her the story about the fairy that could dance on the head of a pin and I taught her to "dance".

We have moved on significantly since then and our service provider/client roles have virtually disappeared.  Our times together are almost both completely selfish and selfless as we use each other for our mutual pleasures.

V1 is a tall, slim, small busted lady, but what she lacks in volume simply exposes her very prominent, very sensitive nipples.  From the moment of our first kiss, it is like electricity shooting through her body straight to her clitoris.  Nibbling her ear lobes or warm breath on the nape of her neck has her quivering.  As for kissing her nipples, it is almost as if she has two extra clitorises all wired together.  Moving down to dine at The "Y", the merest breath on her clit brings her to the edge of her first orgasm.

Several very wet, loud orgasms later when I come up for breath, she rolls me over and proceeds to straddle me, rubbing her clit hard against me (thus the trigger thought for the title of this post).  She just can't get enough clitoral stimulation.  She writhes, squirms and "dances", stiffens in orgasm, falls onto me in deep, passionate French kissing, then as her shudders subsides, she sits up and recommences her rubbing.  I must say with V1, that it is far from "dry"!

We will take a short break at this point (to get our breath back) and explain that there are two approaches to the "dry root/rut".  The basic method is facing each other with either on top with your member up between yourselves so that she rubs her clit along the back side.  The second approach is probably best with you on top pulling yourself well up over her body so that your member is pushed right back and down across her clit and across the folds of her vulva just avoiding penetration so that her clit rubs across your top side.
(rather wet "dry ruts" - reblogged from gifporntube)

Now back to the main course.  Our "relationship" I guess has developed like this since I no longer come easily and my use of Viagra ensures a good hard prolonged erection ("a hard man is good to find!"), so there is no pressure on her to make me come (or not make me come) and she can abandon herself to her own pleasures.  When the buzzer finally goes off, I find we having been going constantly for almost an hour - awesome.  V1 is glowing with that orgasmic sheen of perspiration.  We share a glass of iced water and head off to the shower.  V1 can't help herself and takes advantage of one last embrace and rub before we towel off.

PS. Just a WARNING that non-penetrative "dry rutting" is NOT a reliable method of contraception.
PPS. Under Victorian (Australia) prostitution law, where any form of sexual "penetration" is required to be "protected", I don't think I would be wanting to try and argue that a "dry rut" is "non-penetrative" in a court of law!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

e[lust] #34

I have been honoured to have my post, "Cunnilingus 101" listed in this month's edition  of "e[lust] #34".

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cunnilingus 101

Since "Cunning Linctus" is the result of good cunnilingus, I thought the time was long overdue for a "Cunnilingus 101" post.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not professing to be an expert, though many of my ladies have made very complimentary noises ("Oh my God, don't stop!").  I have learnt by trial and error (fortunately not too much of the later).  And I am writing as a male, so you should also get some female perspectives.

From the start, you need to understand that it is not just about technique, but like all good sex, is very much about attitude, mood and personal "connectedness".  So if you have come together with mutual 'joie de vivre' and desire for mutual pleasure, then you have started off on the right foot.  

Invitation to Dine At The “Y”?
Now it might seem trite and obvious, but ensure beforehand that the lady will be receptive, either by explicit or implicit Q&A in the introduction (whether face-to-face, by phone or e-mail).  Remember, that in the commercial environment, not all ladies are willing to provide this level of service (see my "Respecting Personal Preferences and Space" post). Some ladies don't like it on a first visit - wait until you have got to know each other a bit.  Also, time-of-day and time-of-month come into play.  I have had some ladies turn down an offer because she has had “too many clients just trying to make me come”!  Personally, I find ladies most receptive in their first booking of the day/week, or last booking of the day when they are ready for some “me time”.

Again, it might seem trite and obvious, but it still needs to be stated - make sure you have prepared yourself physically before your encounter - freshly smooth shaved, showered, deodorized, nails closely trimmed, teeth brushed and gargled, and of course you won't be punting if you have mouth ulcers, cracked lips or cold-sores (you don't want to be giving or receiving anything except pleasure)!

Warming Up
So, now you're in the bedroom.  Sure, the punting situation is time-constrained, but the "warm-up" and "get-to-know" phases are still important.  Don't just dive straight in - there will be carressing, kissing, and discovering erogenous zones, neck, ear-lobes, breasts, nipples.  Slowly work your way down her body with light kissing and licking, perhaps down one leg, up the inner thighs, across her pubes, then the other leg and back up, circling in on her sweet spot.

Anatomy 101
Lets pause at this point to ensure you have a working knowledge of the female genital anatomy - the outer and inner lips (labia), the location of the clitoris and urethra (advanced Linguists will also need to know the location of the "G-spot").  Internet photos and video will help in understanding the enormous variety, but only with experience can you appreciate the variety of "innies", "outies" and "flaps", prominent and embedded clits, not to mention artificial adornments.

Technique - More Lips, Less Tongue
In terms of technique, I can't go much better than the phrase from fellow dear blogger ‘The Barreness’ - "More lips, less tongue" (and definitely no teeth!).  Cunnilingus is much more akin to kissing than intercourse, and should not be seen as an opportunity to fuck your lady with your tongue (or finger), though digital stimulation of her G-spot may be used by experience practitioners once she is fully excited, if agreeable.

Its not a good idea to home straight in on her clit. Perhaps kiss your way up her inner thigh, circle the outer labia. Gently lick across the inner labia, very gently sucking each lip in turn. Lick up and down her slit, from her clit to gently parting her lips with your tongue. Well, you can work out the rest...
Be Sensitive to Feedback
Be guided by your lady’s responses.  If in doubt ask her if she likes something.  If she puts her hands on your head and pulls you hard into her or wraps her legs around you in a neck lock, then you know you are doing something right.  Be aware that she will get super-sensitive and that you then need to pull back or stop (unless of course she screams “No! No! NO!!! DON’T STOP!!!”.

Also be aware of the variety or intensity and frequency of female orgasm.  Some ladies will not come easily.  Others only come once.  There is a plateau state where a lady will shudder on the brink for some time.  Mostly you will encounter clitoral orgasms, but deep vaginal orgasm typically from G-spot stimulation is something different.  It wasn’t until I triggered one once that I now understand the difference - “My god.  I haven’t had one of those for months!” was her response.

Know When to Back Off
As part of your feedback, be sensitive about when it isn't working and when you need to back off. In your early attempts, don't be discouraged if you just can't make it work for your lady. Or it simply just might not be her day. Be respectful, and don't overstay your welcome.

Give Her Time To Recover
Be aware of her sensitivity afterwards.  She might not be ready to progress straight into intercourse.

Post DATY Benefits
If you have pleasured your lady well, she will very likely be highly desirous to have her fill of you.  There is just nothing as good as a very horny lady grinding her pubes against you till you both come together.

Feedback Your Experiences
I would love to hear of your experiences (and I’m sure other readers would too).  Do you have any tips to add or question to put out there?  I know this post had only skimmed to topic, so perhaps there might be an “Advanced Cunnilingus” somewhere in the future.
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